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Being late, he was prevented from boarding his flight. He started worshiping and they let him in!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022


(3rd Part of “Where Can Your Faith Bring You?” & “He Loved Me for Who I Am”)

After Pastor Manny found his new life in Christ, he fully committed himself to be used by God anywhere and anytime. Being an IT missionary, his faith was tested again as he went to other countries with insufficient funds. But he has learned from his previous experiences that God can save him in any situation he might be in. With that notion in mind, he became very courageous.

Pastor Manny’s godson had scheduled preaching in Hong Kong. So, when his godson asked him to accompany him to go there, he agreed to go even though he didn’t have money. He also had another reason why he wanted to go to Hong Kong. His girlfriend, who later on became his wife, was working in Hong Kong so he wanted to see her. He had more reasons to go but the problem was, he had no money at all. He made up his mind to go regardless of his financial situation. “It was a decision before provision” Pastor Manny quoted. He prayed and prayed until he saw a vision from God. In his vision, God was dropping rectangle-shaped papers that looked like US dollar bills. Doubt had no room in his heart, so he claimed the vision he saw. Pastor Manny prayed again, for he knew that God is always listening. As he prayed, he saw another vision. He saw that US dollar bills were falling from the sky but this time it was so fast and there were more bills than in the first vision he saw. Every day he would declare and claim the visions he saw because he trusted God wholeheartedly.

He and his godson agreed on the date that they were supposed to go to Hong Kong. As the scheduled date is just around the corner, Pastor Manny still didn’t have a plane ticket, but he was so sure that he would go to Hong Kong since God gave him a vision. He never stopped praying and believing that he could go.

A few days before his departure, he received an email. As he checked the email, there was an attached ticket with his complete details. The plane ticket was booked in his name and on the exact date and time of the agreed departure with his godson. He was curious who it was from, so he called the hotline number of the travel agency that sent the email. While he made inquiries about who purchased the ticket, the travel agent told him that he had no idea how the ticket was booked in Pastor Manny’s name. There was no way that his godson booked his ticket because he didn’t tell him about his situation. He also knew that his godson didn’t have enough money. Pastor Manny was so happy and praised God for this wonderful miracle!

However, he had another hurdle to pass before he could go. He had the ticket, but he didn’t have the money to pay the travel tax. It was around 3 am, when he was awoken by God. Pastor Manny started packing his bags, “Lord, I don’t have enough money” he blurted out as he put his stuff inside his bag. He only had the bus fare to go to the airport and that was it. He still had no money to pay for the travel tax. Pastor Manny was praying and crying to God, “Lord, I will go to the airport and Hong Kong”. That morning, his godson called him and told him that he couldn’t go because he didn’t have money to go on this trip. “Do you believe that we could go to Hong Kong? If you believe it, then let’s meet at the airport five hours before our flight” Pastor Manny told his godson. Pastor Manny was full of hope that God will make a way. He had no money, but he was encouraging his godson to pursue their flight to Hong Kong.

While Pastor Manny was packing his bag, he received a message that a family member who is in America sent him $200. He wasn’t expecting it at all for five reasons. First, his family had no idea that he was going to Hong Kong. Second, his brother couldn’t understand what made him drive to Las Vegas which was far from his residence just to send the money instantly; if through a nearby bank, it may take a few days before Pastor Manny could receive it in the Philippines. Third, his brother had just sent them money recently. Fourth, there’s the time difference. Fifth, just like in the vision he saw, he received it in US dollars instead of pesos.

Now that Pastor Manny had the money, he made his way to the airport. Sadly, his godson didn’t show up. His godson didn’t go because he had no money to pay the travel tax. If only he believed, then he could’ve gone to Hong Kong. Pastor Manny decided to still go because he knew that God wanted him to go. After everything he had just experienced and received, he was certain that he had to be in Hong Kong. But another hurdle was presented in front of him. He was at the check-in counter when he was told that he couldn’t board the plane because he was late. “I’m God’s child. This can’t stop me!” declared Pastor Manny. He didn’t accept defeat and started worshiping in front of the check-in counter. A commotion had started, and people were looking at him, but he didn’t care at all and kept worshiping. A few minutes later, the manager of the airline company approached Pastor Manny and escorted him to be on his flight with no hassle at immigration. When he got into the waiting area, the moment he sat in front of the boarding gate, the airline announced that the flight had been delayed. What a relief that he didn’t give up and decided to stand his ground! He still had ample time to board his flight and he had everything he needed.

He eventually arrived safely in Hong Kong and met a man who helped him find his accommodation because the person who was supposed to meet him couldn’t be contacted. But then again, God sent someone to save Pastor Manny from that situation. When he was in Hong Kong, he was a guest in a Hungarian Church there. He shared his testimony, sang, and gave praises to God. Without his knowledge, one of the church members was filming everything at that time. He just found out later on that the entire world was watching him through a live streaming podcast. The offering on that day accumulated to around $1,000 and it was given to Pastor Manny! His second vision came to pass! In his vision, he saw the US dollar bills falling from the sky so fast and it was plenty!

It was truly amazing how God has provided for Pastor Manny. Because he trusted God wholeheartedly, his ticket was provided and up until now, Pastor Manny had no idea who specifically booked his ticket. Without telling other people about his problems but only to God, the hearts of those around him were touched to send him the money he needed. When he was prohibited from boarding the plane, he didn’t accept defeat but turned to his greatest weapon which was worshiping God. Lastly, he held on to the vision God gave him and it surely came to pass.

Trusting God completely means having faith that he knows what is best for your life. You anticipate Him to keep His promises, help you with problems, and do the impossible when necessary. Trusting is an act of worship. Let’s trust the One True God. He is the God of miracles. The God for whom anything is possible. Glory to our God! Let’s exalt His name forever and ever!

Habakkuk 2:3

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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wow! I'm in awe! goosebumps .What an amazing God we serve!...Miracle Money is true!!! My takehome... Decision before Provison ! Halleuiah to the miracle working God.

Apr 07, 2022
Replying to

Amen! where He guides, He provides. Take that step of faith, for you know who walks with you -- and that is our God who is awesome in so many ways :) God bless you more!

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