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AMAZING! The Chinese were hearing Mandarin while being prayed for by IT missionaries... IN ENGLISH!!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022


There are times when prayer becomes our last resort when we face difficulties, but what if it becomes our first response to everything? The story I’m about to tell you is about the prayer warriors of Jesus Christ who showed their devotion to Him and with every situation they encountered they’ve always responded in prayer and the outcome will blow your mind.

Eleven of the Global Intercessors were scheduled to travel to China for the first time. They got their visa with no problems, and it was granted to them so quickly. It was all a good start. First, they arrived at the Guangzhou Airport for their connecting flight to Hainan Province.

Unfortunately, Sister Rossana Sadogio, IT missionary and the chosen leader for Global Intercessors, was caught in a pickle. There was a discrepancy between her passport number and her booked ticket. The domestic flight to Hainan was about to depart but she was still on hold. She prayed and asked God to help her. Soon after her prayer, God sent someone to help her. Thanks to the good Samaritan, who could speak English and was able to help her out. All of them managed to get on the flight going to Hainan province.

When they arrived in Hainan, they met an IT missionary, Sister L, and her Chinese friend. They visited the home of Sister L’s Chinese friend, and they met her family. The Global Intercessors prayed for the Chinese family who are not Christians. They prayed in English and Tagalog but strangely, the family which couldn’t speak and understand English, or Tagalog started weeping. They said that the prayers they heard were in Chinese so they couldn’t stop crying because they truly felt and understood the prayer. It sounded so impossible, but we know that God can make the impossible possible! Who could have explained how it happened! All I know is that only God can make sense of the unexplainable things.

After that day, they went to a different city, but they had no place to go. They had to book rooms in a hotel so they could stay for three days. They met another IT missionary, Sister G., and her Korean friend named Meriam. Both of them accompanied Sister Rossana and her group to book a hotel but the problem was, that they didn’t have enough Chinese Renminbi on them. They had booked 7 rooms and they had to pay upfront at the front desk. “We may not have the money right now, but we can pray.” Sister Rossana and her group agreed on praying. Meriam told them she was going to call her friend and maybe ask him to pay it first and they could just pay him later once they exchanged their money. Meriam’s friend came right away and paid for their accommodation. No matter how hard they think about it, it won’t work with their budget. They realized that they might use up all their money just to pay for the hotel rooms for three nights. They would have the money to pay for the rooms, but they couldn’t go to the other cities they have already planned on visiting. They have settled in their rooms and started praying.

The next day, after having breakfast, they all went for a walk near the beach with Sister G, Meriam, and her friend. While they were enjoying the scenery, they were also praying. It was already lunchtime, so they went to a Chinese restaurant. Sister Rossana and her team didn’t have the money to pay for their lunch. However, Meriam’s friend, who isn’t a Christian offered to treat them to lunch. He said he was blessed with the prayer walk experience he had with them, so he wants to bless them as well. After lunch, they were accompanied back to the hotel and another unexpected thing happened. Meriam’s friend told them they don’t need to pay him back for their hotel accommodation! “God sent an angel from Korea just to pay for their hotel accommodation” quoted Sister Rossana.

Three days later, the Global Intercessors team flew to Kunming City, one of the largest cities in Yunnan Province, China. They prayed for those who were sick and lame. There’s this one person who couldn’t walk whom they prayed for, and he accepted Jesus on that day. They later received the news that he is now serving the Lord. What great news! It was fascinating how God can use one encounter that would entirely change our lives and those around us. Praise to the God Almighty!

Their next stop was in Shangri-La City, due to their next itinerary not all of them could hike to the top of the mountain. Seven of them went up to the mountain and started worshipping and declaring God’s Word there. They got an impression of what they should do at the top of the mountain. They buried the Bible and put twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Meanwhile, the three intercessors who stayed behind and were staying at the hotel saw twelve horses passing back and forth. It was odd at first, but they were sure that there was a great significance to it when they all shared their stories after their prayer walk in Shangri-La.

The Global Intercessors have been praying for all our missionaries around the world and they know that in every situation the first response should be prayer. They continue to travel to other countries with or without money because they know God will answer them every time they pray, and He will reveal mighty things to them again just like He did when they were in China.

Everything that has happened to the Global Intercessors in China was orchestrated by God! It was Him who made the English prayer translated into Chinese in the hearts of that Chinese family. He was the one who sent a man of peace to pay for their lunch and accommodation which they didn’t have the money for. It was Him who spoke to them in their prayers and showed visions! No one else but the Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of all the praises and glory!

Jeremiah 33:3

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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