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A woman with AIDS, a disease that has no cure, miraculously got healed when she put her faith in God


Pastors Gerry and Jane Aguilar continue to serve in Thailand and see the amazing miracles of God. As they adjusted to the challenges they faced such as getting a visa, adapting to the culture, and even the spicy food, they thanked God and engraved in their hearts that “God will provide, whatever the circumstances are.” True enough, they have seen how the Lord provided for their every need through different people.

By the grace and provision of God, English centers were established, and it was amazing how the Lord provided even for the simple things they needed at the center. Also, it was God who made it possible for them to get a visa and have an established ministry in 2004. It was truly wonderful how the Lord kept His promise to them.

One of the miracles the couple would never forget was when they shared the Gospel with a woman who is an AIDS victim. During their visits with her, Pastor Gerry and his wife had an interpreter with them so they could communicate with her. At first, they didn’t know that the woman was diagnosed with AIDS. They just encouraged and prayed for her. Then as they found out about her situation, their prayer was “Lord, change her heart. Turn her heart to You after this miracle.” The couple would visit her occasionally to bring some supplements and medicine for her as they continue to share the Gospel. Then one day, when Pastors Gerry and Jane went to her house for a quick visit, the woman wasn’t there. It was unusual for her not to be at home, so Pastor Gerry thought that she passed away. Later on, they found out that she was at the hospital to get checked and an unbelievable thing happened – the woman was completely healed as the results came out! AIDS is a disease that has no cure, yet the woman is cured. It was truly one of God’s miracles! The woman continues to strengthen her relationship and faith in God. She started attending a local church upon the endorsement of Pastors Gerry and Jane. She and her family are now going to church and proclaiming the wonderful things God has done in her life. How great God is!

The Lord continues to bless the couple and the greatest blessing they have received is the fact that the hearts of the people are changed and turned to God. The Lord also blessed the couple to travel to different countries in America and Europe despite not having enough money. But it is the Lord who rewarded them to explore different countries. In 2007, they did a four-month community development in Alabama. They were also assigned to Japan in 2010-2011. They believed that God is with them every step of the way. They commit their plans, and He guides them.

Pastors Gerry and Jane continue to expand the Lord’s Kingdom in Thailand and the first church was planted on September 17, 2017, and this year 2021, despite the pandemic, two more churches are established.

It is their legacy. God enabled them to be a blessing to others. They were able to put up a daycare center. Also, when IT missionaries came to Thailand for short-term mission trips, the team cemented a path of 500 meters. The couple saw both tangible and intangible blessings. They believed that the Lord would guide and provide, therefore any fears you have will vanish as you fully entrust everything to Him. As Pastor Jerry quoted from Hudson Taylor, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack in supply.” This is indeed true in their own lives as they follow God’s will. “Step forward in faith and don’t be scared. We stand on His promises, and we believe that He will provide everything. Therefore, just accept God’s call and He will do the rest” the couple commented.

The blessings are overflowing and Pastors Gerry, Jane, and the team in Thailand are entrusted by God to lead the three churches. Last May, the new church needed some things which cost 100,000 Baht and the Lord used a man of peace to provide for that amount. Hallelujah!

Miracles upon miracles have been witnessed by the couple and it’s true that there’s no limit to God’s power. Therefore, don’t look at the obstacles and fix your eyes on Jesus. He is the One true God and worthy of all the praises and glory!

Psalm 8:9

“LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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