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A homeless couple in Taiwan prophesied that he will return there as a missionary.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


“I never dreamed of becoming a missionary,” Brother Quido Lerio stated. It never crossed his mind to be a missionary because he had the perspective that missionaries are not well-off. Being a responsible child to his parents, he wanted to give them a better life by having a stable job that pays well. Despite what his grandfather told him, that he will be a missionary someday; Brother Quido shrugged off the idea. His grandfather was a missionary and during one of his prayers, he foretold that Brother Quido will be a missionary.

Brother Quido has two good friends who invited him to join IT Philippines, but he was reluctant, so he gave a lot of excuses. But when Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, came to Davao for the Access 1 Training, Brother Quido found himself at the training. He had an important meeting on the same day, but he ended up attending the training and even his registration was paid for already. While Pastor Gani was speaking at the training, Brother Quido suddenly remembered what his grandfather said about him being a missionary. With that affirmation, he finally decided to get a passport because he wanted to attend the Access 2 Training in Taiwan. Something was ignited in his heart and started to believe for more.

He was greatly encouraged, and he was looking forward to seeing God’s miracles in his life. He remembered distinctly the moment that will change his life forever. It was November 25, 2018, the scheduled trip to Taiwan. From Davao, he already had his ticket to Manila, but he didn’t have his ticket to Taiwan yet. He was working in the City Tourism of Davao at that time, but his salary got delayed so he couldn’t book his ticket to Taiwan right away. Therefore, he tried another alternative by pawning his ATM card to one of his trusted acquaintances; expecting he could get the money before he leaves for Manila. But he received disappointing news on the day he’s leaving for Manila. Brother Quido couldn’t get the money he pawned for his ATM. His acquaintance didn’t have the amount he requested.

“What should I do now? I already have the ticket to Manila” he thought to himself. Then he remembered what Pastor Gani said during the mission training, “Don’t hold back but soar high like an eagle!” and “If it is God’s will, it is God’s bill”. With those encouragements in mind, he departed Davao and flew to Manila even though he didn’t have his ticket to Taiwan yet. “Lord, it’s all up to you now” he uttered as he prayed. And God answered his prayer instantly. His aunt who resides in Manila called him and asked about his mission trip and vowed to pay for his Manila to Taiwan ticket.

Brother Quido was so happy but also thought “What about my return ticket from Taiwan to Manila?” Then, to his surprise, his other aunt got in touch with him through Facebook messenger and vouched to book his return ticket. Brother Quido was ecstatic and praised God for His provision. He never told anyone about this, but they voluntarily offered to help him. It was God who touched their hearts to help Brother Quido. “When there’s a mission there’s a provision” the Lord spoke to him. He was so happy he forgot that he should also secure some cash he would use for his trip.

He tried to pawn his ATM with his cousin, but the same thing happened again. At the last minute, his cousin told him he didn’t have the cash to give him. The night before his flight, he got so worried that he couldn’t sleep because he had nothing. He was so anxious and got teary-eyed realizing what situation he was in. He didn’t even have the money to pay the travel tax. He thought “Only a crazy person would go to Taiwan without any money.” On the morning of his flight, his aunt contacted him and gave him 3,000 pesos. He was so grateful but at the airport, after he paid the travel tax, he had around 1,300 pesos left. Literally speaking, it won’t be enough if you are planning to go to other countries for 10 days. But Brother Quido learned a lot about God’s faithfulness over the past few weeks, and he embedded in his heart and mind not to worry anymore because God will provide for his needs. He was right.

When he was in Taiwan, he didn’t have problems with what to eat and where to stay. God provided for his needs, and he even received monetary gifts from people. Because of God’s amazing provision for him, he decided to be a blessing to others. At the end of the training, he would go out in the streets of Taiwan, and he saw some homeless people and gave them food. The homeless couple was so thankful for his kind heart and as a token of their gratitude they gave him a pearl and told him “We will see each other again someday and I will see that pearl once more.” But it was like a message from God that Brother Quido will surely return as a missionary bringing God’s Word to the people in Taiwan.

When he returned to his hometown, he had an amazing testimony to share with others about how God provided for him during his trip. The 1,300 pesos he had was more than enough. All he needed was God. It also became clear that he was called to be a missionary and right now he’s working in the IT office, and he joins all the international events of IT and has been to other countries. He knows he can count on God who never changes. Praise to the Lord who is faithful yesterday, today, and forever!

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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