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Greetings IT eagles and friends!

Let’s start the first quarter of the year with great anticipation and excitement for the things to come. Let faith prevail once more!

Push aside all the talks about the rise in the new Covid cases and a new round of lockdown. It just doesn’t bring us anywhere. Trash them! Take part in our 13th ILF and let’s talk about things that matter … advancing the kingdom of God in these challenging times.

There are ways that leaders can do and must do than just wait and watch. God always provide ways to overcome barriers and we are given the responsibility to find it and lead the people through it. That’s what Cutting Edge leaders do!

There’s so much to talk about. So much to be excited for. So, join us and be part of the Joshua group who dares cross the raging Jordan because they know in their hearts that “nothing is impossible for those who believe! “

Pls pass the word around to your fellow CE leader. See you on Feb 5!!!

Registration is still open for those who wanted to join - The only requirement is proof of having attended a Cutting Edge Seminar or Webinar. NO fees or contributions required.

Expect great things to happen... Ptr Gani Sison

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