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There’s nothing to be afraid of as we go into the unknown because God has already paved a way for us

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


As the story of Sister Adora Mendoza continues, we could see how the Lord uses His people to be a blessing to others and that once He called us, He would provide for our needs. Therefore, there’s nothing to be afraid of as we go into the unknown because He has already paved a way for us. Another remarkable experience she had in Malaysia was during the first day of the conference. As they arrived at the mall where the venue is, they asked some locals about the specific location. It was very confusing at that time because every people they asked kept telling them that they must go across the street but the location apps on their phones show differently. Since all the people they have asked kept telling them that the venue isn’t located inside the mall, they went out under the scorching heat. Sis Adora and her husband felt that they are getting lost when suddenly they crossed paths with some Filipinos who are also IT missionaries. The other IT missionaries were lost and some of them are elderly. Since they didn’t have a sim card and an internet connection service, they had no means to find their way to the venue and walked a lot to look for it. As they meet Sis Adora, they all try to find their way to the venue, only to find out that Sis Adora and her husband were already in the right place, which was the mall they were at. But God led them to the lost IT missionaries to help them find their way to the venue. Sis Adora saw that God has a purpose as to why they had to leave the right location in the first place. He didn’t let them get lost, but He led them to help others while they were in a foreign land. As they returned to the venue, they worshipped the Lord, and they were so blessed with that experience. The following day, as they walked along the bay, they met a Filipino who had been overstaying because she had no other choice but to stay in Malaysia. As they got to know her, they got the chance to minister and pray for her and they were hoping to meet her again someday as they returned to Malaysia. They also prayed that things would work out well for her. During their trip, Sis Adora and her husband were so overwhelmed by how God provided for their needs. Although their money was not enough, God never let them starve. As a matter of fact, there was bountiful food, and they got to visit other places as well. Sis Adora wanted to emphasize that when God calls you to go even though your resources are not enough, God is more than enough and that’s what all you have to hold on to. He is the only God who can give you overflowing things because of His love for us. His thoughts are not our thoughts, let’s trust the God who cares even the minor details or incidents in our lives for He always knows what’s best for us. He’s the one we can rely on and He will never allow us to lose our way, especially in pursuing the way to His heart. We love you, Father! Isaiah 55:9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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