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The moment she took that step of faith, blessings from above showered down upon her and her children

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


As the story continues, the Lord opened doors of great possibilities not only to Pastor Digna Viernes but also to her children. A conference in South Korea would be held and it was her chance to go back, however, she wanted to go with her children and prayed “Lord, if you’re going to send me, please allow my children to be with me in the mission field”. God honored her request and made it happen. Her daughter, Abigail was working in Thailand as an English teacher when Pastor Digna asked her to come home so they could go together to South Korea.

The conference was on October 3rd and Abigail came home on September 26th and she only had a week to get her visa. One of the requirements for getting a visa is a bank statement but she didn’t have one. Pastor Digna had the wisdom to use the money for their airfare and deposited it to Abigail’s account then she was able to get the needed requirement and passed it to the Korean embassy. Within three days, Abigail got her visa! Pastor Digna couldn’t believe how fast and smooth things went. “Indeed, God is a miracle worker” Pastor Digna commented as she recalled God’s favor upon them when they were planning to go to South Korea.

Pastor Digna’s heart was filled with excitement. “This is it, Lord! But we still need some money for this trip” she said. One day, someone texted Pastor Digna and told her that what she prayed for had been answered and she would like to bless Pastor Digna, so she asked for her bank account details. Pastor Digna didn’t expect that the amount she would receive would cover the cost of the plane ticket. She cried in gladness and thanked the Lord greatly! Their trip to South Korea seemed to be very promising as the Lord worked on their behalf and all they had to do is believe that He is Jehovah-Jireh.

Pastor Digna was also invited by another IT missionary to an outreach church in Bulacan and at that time they had a visitor from Korea. The Korean pastor supported the construction of the church and came to visit just for five days. Pastor Digna met him for the first time, but God used him to bless her. When he was about to return to Korea, Pastor Digna and her friends accompanied him to the airport to bid farewell, and surprisingly, the Korean pastor handed her an envelope and told her to inform him when she gets to Korea as he plans to join the conference as well. When she opened the envelope there was $100 in it. Also, one of Pastor Digna’s relatives gave them $200 as a seed faith offering. Pastor Digna was so happy, and it was certain that she, Abigail, and her son Jerome could go to Korea with the money they had! Praise God for His amazing provision!

When they arrived in Korea, Pastor Digna entrusted God with their accommodation and expenses since they had no other source but God. The Korean pastor whom Pastor Digna met in the Philippines attended the conference in Korea. They saw each other and after the conference, the Korean pastor was used by God to bless Pastor Digna. He treated Pastor Digna and her friend in a fancy buffet restaurant and bought them groceries which is good for a month's consumption. Also, her children were blessed to have a part-time job in Korea while Pastor Digna was invited by the missionaries who are already in Korea to start a Bible study. As they conducted the Bible study, Pastor Digna was surprised to see that when people shook her hand there was an envelope with money in it. It was truly overwhelming for her to experience the abundant provision of God while she was in the mission field. Since it was just a short-term mission trip, Pastor Digna and her children returned to the Philippines after three months. There was an overflowing of blessings both in material and spiritual things! Her heart was filled with gladness and praises to God! What she experienced was beyond her expectations and she gave all the praises and glory to God because He is the One who made it happen!

There’s more to Pastor Digna’s story for she would be called by God on a long-term mission the next time she leaves the Philippines. She continues to seek and believe that God will provide for her as she obeys His will.

How amazing it is to serve the One True God! Lord, thank you for revealing Yourself to us through Your Word, by Your Spirit, and in Your creation, that we might stand in awe of You. You alone are worthy of praise and glory and honor, for You have created all things, that in all things You might be preeminent. For every request that we offer, every supplication that we raise, and every intercession we make, let us never neglect to render the praise You are due.

Psalm 20:4-5

May he grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your plans! May we shout for joy over your salvation, and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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