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Updated: Apr 2, 2022

1st GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE 2022 in the PHILIPPINES … may I have more info, please? (Letters & Info Packs)

Greetings IT Phils Eagles,

We are two weeks away from our 1st Global Tentmakers Conference 2022 in Tagaytay City. The excitement level is rising fast.

Online registration is still open at our website – You may use this link to go directly to the registration page – .

Don’t miss out on this huge blessing! This will be intense! Go for IT!

Ptr Gani Sison


GLOBAL TENTMAKERS Information Pack # 1


REGISTRATION – Online registration for the conference is still open. If you have not registered online or sent a confirmation of your attendance, please contact KATHY MERENCILLO of our office so they could include your name in our conference participants list, prepare your conference ID’s and materials and reserve meals and snacks for you.


Day 1 (APR 14) – Registration and Welcome Event starts in the afternoon from 1pm to 6pm.

Day 2 (APR 15) – Whole Day Conference – 9:00 am to 5:00pm

Day 3 (APR 16) – Whole Day Conference – 9:00 am to 5:00pm

· Day 4 – onwards (APR 17-21)SOUTHEAST ASIA MISSION WORKSHOPS (ACCESS2). Detailed information will be provided later. Our ACCESS 2 team will be at hand during the conference to assist all who will be joining the post conference training.


· Those who are not joining the ACCESS 2 Training but wish to extend their stay in the venue for a couple of days more, should inform our office coordinator Kathy Merencillo, so she could make the necessary arrangements with CDC. Should you wish to stay in a different budget friendly hotel or B&B, we could suggest several options for you to choose from. We will include the list on our next Info Pack.


§ We are on the process of identifying various locations in Tagaytay for our post conference group tour. Detailed information will be provided later. Our coordinating team will be at hand during the conference to aid those who will be joining the post-conference events. There will be a sign-up table in the conference area for us to have a head count on the number of people who will be availing of the service.


· Our conference will be held at the CHRISTIAN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE, Tagaytay Country Homes 3, Gonzales St., Crossing Silang, Tagaytay City. Detailed travel directions to the venue will be provided on the next Conference Info Pack.


§ STAY IN: A contribution of P3,000 per participant will help cover expenses on venue & equipment rentals, lodging for 2 nights, breakfast, lunch & dinner meals, snacks, conference materials, honorariums, etc…

§ STAY OUT: We have set a P1.500 contribution per participant to help cover expenses on venue & equipment rentals, dinner and lunch meals, conference materials and honorariums minus lodging and breakfast.

§ PAYMENTS: Registration payments are made at the online registration. The registration form presents various online payment methods. For those who have personal accounts in IT, our accounting dept. is ready to receive payments thru GITP (personal account) deductions. all you need to do is instruct our accounting staff either thru email or phone, to deduct from your account the exact amount to cover your conference fee.


§ Conference program, conference theme and speakers’ profile will be provided on our next Conference Info Pack.


§ All ITP missionaries, ACCESS 1 Graduates, and partners are invited to the conference. If you would like to invite your churchmates, friends or relatives to the conference, we would require though that they be of the same faith. The conference is not an evangelistic gathering, and the topics will not suit those coming from a different religious background. Your friends will be classified as SPECIAL GUESTS.


· We will fully abide by the current pandemic guidelines or protocols issued by the government. To ensure the safety of all participants, we will carry out the mandatory temperature check and will provide disinfectant for the use of everybody in attendance. Masks are still enforced as well as social distancing.


§ Please always include the conference and the organizing staffs in your prayers. Pray also for GOD’s provision for all those who will be attending the conference. Pray for the 1st Global Tentmakers Conference to be fruitful and successful.

The second Conference Info Pack will be posted in a couple of days.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the beautiful city of Tagaytay!


Ptr Gani Sison

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