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His success in ministering to the LGBTQ community caught the attention of the President of Ghana.

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


Pastor Manny Magabulo is one of IT’s missionaries and he has been mightily used by God as he continues to serve the Lord by doing missions. His past experiences in life played a major part in the ministries God entrusted to him. He used to be a homosexual, but God’s grace and love cleansed all his sins and made him a new whole being. As Pastor Manny lives in Baguio City with his wife and son, he was also studying in a Mission School there. The school director is from Africa and he would occasionally visit the school. The African Pastor who is married to a Filipina came and stayed for a little while in the Philippines and as they hung out, they became close. As they spent more time together, they developed a father-son relationship, Pastor Manny even calls him “Dad”. “Why don’t you come to Africa?” the African Pastor asked Pastor Manny. After seeking the Lord, Pastor Manny agreed to go, however, he didn’t know that getting an African visa would be a bit complicated. That’s when Pastor Manny saw how God moved on his behalf. As he applied for his visa, he saw that the scheduled date on his visa and the place was wrong. He had a couple of days before his flight. It took him a while to process his visa so who knows how long it would take to retract the mistakes in his visa details. He probably had to rebook his ticket but then again, he prayed and asked God’s help. He believed in God’s timing and if there was nothing that he could do about the error in his visa details then he might just have to rebook his flight and wait for a few more weeks. However, God gave him wisdom on what to do. “Send an email” he felt a small tug in his heart. As he emailed the African consul and explained his situation, his visa was changed and given to him right away! What a surprising turn of events! Pastor Manny praised the Lord!! He didn’t have to rebook his flight and went to Africa in God’s favor on the day of his departure. When he arrived in Africa, Pastor Manny met the African Pastor and he was surprised to know that the Pastor is a very influential person in Africa! Pastor Manny was introduced to different kinds of people with high social status and he was brought to extraordinary places. He visited a huge TV broadcasting company and was even asked to become a DJ in a radio station where they give him his time slot to preach. At that time, there was a very critical issue with the LGBTQ community and the African Pastor thought of Pastor Manny and his past. He was asked to speak with 600 homosexuals. Pastor Manny counseled and pacified 600 homosexuals and because of that matter, the news reached the President of the Republic of Ghana who would like to personally meet and thank Pastor Manny. Pastor Manny had a hectic schedule preaching to different churches, TV stations, and radio stations during his three months in Africa. He was a guest to even multiple religious denominations and while they were worshipping their god, Pastor Manny was preaching about Jesus! No one could stop him from his passion for following Christ for he has seen, felt, and experienced God in his life more than one could imagine. It was God who made all those things he experienced in Africa possible. He gives all the credit to God and he just wanted to follow Him even if it’s at the end of the world. For God is the great I AM. God is the Master of miracles and the supernatural Creator of everything. He deserves our devotion and all the praises of all the days of our lives!! His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace! Psalm 77:14 You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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