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It may not be his original plan, but God has a better plan for him when he went to Japan. . .

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


Most people would easily give up when bombarded by a lot of difficulties. But for us Christians, since our hope is in Christ, we would always have the will to carry on. We may feel terrified at times, but the Lord is greater than our fears and that's what keeps us going.

Pastor Genesis Olimpo has been an IT Trainer and missionary and he has traveled to several different countries as the Lord leads him. It was his second time in Japan when his faith was tested. He didn't think it would be such a struggle because his first time in Japan was such a great blessing to him and to the people he visited there. He was more motivated to return because he was able to fulfill what God intended him to do the first time he visited there. Souls were saved and lives were transformed. However, now he was preparing for his second visit to Japan. Hurdles upon hurdles were presented to him.

An event of "Gising Kabataan" (Youth Awakening Movement) was to be held in Japan in June. Pastor Genesis was so excited to be a part of it, so he processed his visa application though he didn't have the money to pay for the visa fee. He believed that God would provide it along the way. Pastor Genesis had a supporter who works in Singapore, but he hasn't heard from him for quite some time. Then something unexpected happened when he did an Access 1 Training in Pasig City.

After his training, he accidentally bumped into the father of the man who used to support him who works in Singapore. The father apologized to Pastor Genesis for not being able to send the support and the money was accumulated. In an instant, Pastor Genesis was able to pay for his visa and booked his ticket to Japan! But unfortunately, he was informed later that the event has been moved to the last week of July. He felt dejected that he already booked his ticket and because of the sudden changes, no one could host him on those dates when he goes to Japan. He had no place to stay and no purpose for going. He asked someone he knows who lives in Japan, but he got rejected. Then when he posted on Facebook that he got his visa, one of his acquaintances said that he will introduce Pastor Genesis to a friend who might accommodate him in Japan. He felt happy because he thought things were working out well. However, there was no reply. He was disheartened because it seemed that he couldn't get a break. He didn't have the will to pack his luggage and thought of so many unpleasant scenarios if he goes with no money. But he immediately shook that thought and spoke to God "I have prayed for this, and you approved my visa Lord, so I won't give this up. I will keep the fight and the faith" he added. While he was staring at his empty suitcase his wife sat beside him. "Pray, then think about who would come to mind," his wife advised him. Someone contacted him and introduced him to a church in Japan and one of the IT missionaries there. There's a mission house he possibly could stay in. A day before his flight, Pastor Genesis was hopeful and started packing.

He didn't expect a warm welcome when he arrived in Japan, so he was so overwhelmed when everyone at that church was so kind and generous. "I was treated like one of the VIPs there," Pastor Genesis commented. A week before he arrived, the room in the mission house was vacant so he got the room all for himself and it was for free. Also, all the slots of preaching, bible study, and house visitation were entrusted to him. He was so glad that he was able to fulfill God's purpose, and that is to minister to others. There was an overflowing of blessings, from food to souvenirs and love gifts. He was toured to different places and treated to expensive restaurants. He didn't spend his money and his suitcase was very full of gifts and souvenirs!

Pastor Genesis suddenly recalled that he thought he had no place to stay but God is so amazing in orchestrating everything. He got turned down many times at first, but God had an amazing plan for his trip. He thought he would have nothing to do because the event he was supposed to be a part of was moved but it was all God's plan so he could minister to those people at that church. He expected his money wouldn't be enough, but God never let him spend even a centavo on this trip. He even got more than what he originally had. The people from that church were so blessed that they requested Pastor Genesis to visit them again.

Up to this day, Pastor Genesis continues to travel to different countries and preach God's word and share his testimony to inspire others so they would get to know that the only One they need in their lives is God. Becoming God's child would be the best privilege one can have. God is truly amazing in the lives of His children. He never fails to show His constant care and great love to those who put their hope in Him. He is so marvelous and worthy of all praise! Father, we thank and praise You for the life You have so richly given us. Words can't describe how awesome You are!

Psalm 119:114

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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