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The faith adventure is back! It’s open doors again for global missions!!! Today, we see the beginning of a new high level initiative designed for those who are called for long term mission work.

With much excitement, we would like to introduce the IGNITE THE NATIONS missions program. The initial phase will cover ten nations in Asia. We will be forming teams who will be sent to those nations accompanied by Missions Advisors - IT senior missionaries who are highly knowledgeable on pioneering missions with an average of two decades of field experiences each. Their main goal will be to form strong group of missionaries who will ignite the fire of the gospel in the countries where they are called.

Registration is now wide open. Please go to the Missions page on our website and you will see the new program with a choice of ten nations. We will try to gather for the whole month of April those who have the willing and eager heart to invest their future on this purposeful missions program.

If you hear the call for missions in your heart, do not hesitate! This could be the great opportunity that you have been waiting for, something that you could not afford to lose.


The steps of faith you’ll do today will be real steps of fulfillment you’ll be making tomorrow in the nation of your dream.

Do not hold back when it is your time to shine!

Ptr Gani Sison


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