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If two days before your flight you don't have any money, would you still go?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


Pastor Jerahmeel Ian Magbojos, an IT Trainer and missionary, grew up in a Christian family and became a pastor. But then a few years ago, he stopped pastoring and got a secular job. However, God has called him back to the ministry and to be a missionary. When he joined IT, that's when he experienced that with or without money as long as you have faith, you can go to other nations. He had finished his Access 1 and 2 Training and saw how God prepared for his needs in advance. But what if the provision is almost at the very last minute before your departure? Would you still consider going to other countries when you are completely penniless? Let's find out what Pastor Ian and the other two IT missionaries who were with him did as they went to Hong Kong. Two months before their trip, Pastor Ian was asked by Pastor Manny to go to Hong Kong with him because God told him that they have something to do there. Pastor Ian agreed but there was a huge question mark at the back of his mind about whether it was really going to happen. He had no stable financial support and he's working full time as an IT Trainer, but it depends on the schedule of training he might handle. Their 'faith date' going to Hong Kong was June 28, 2019. Two days before their planned trip, Pastor Ian gave Pastor Manny a call "Pastor, how's it going with our ticket?" as he weighed his priorities and assessed the situation. "The supposed sponsor who's paying for the ticket going to Hong Kong backed out" answered Pastor Manny. "Do you have faith we can go to Hong Kong? If you believe, then you should start packing." Pastor Manny added. "Yes, I believe..." Pastor Ian responded halfheartedly. "I don't think this is going to happen," he thought. He didn't pack and he was in doubt because it never happened to him before. In his previous trips, there was always provision at least a month or weeks before he had to go to other countries. The next day, it was Thursday and Pastor Manny texted Pastor Ian and sent him the picture of their ticket to Hong Kong. He was in disbelief that he double-checked whether the picture was edited or not. After he was convinced that it was real, he started packing. He packed his bag and left his home having money only for the bus fare from Cavite City to Makati City. Pastor Ian, Pastor Manny, and Argie met during the IT fellowship and after that, they had a brief meeting about their flight the next day. They didn't have money to pay for the travel tax, so they prayed for it. Where could they possibly get the money they need overnight? Since Pastor Ian's house is far from the airport he decided to crash just for a night at his friend's house. On that evening, he posted three flags of Hong Kong with the quote "believe it". Then one of the IT missionaries he knew asked whether they already had the ticket or if there was anything else they needed. Pastor Ian told her that they didn't have the money for the travel tax yet. He thought she was going to be the answer to their prayers. "If the Lord will use me, I am more than willing but I don't have money right now," she said. His hope came crashing down as he heard it. It was around midnight when he received another message from her. She told him that after their conversation, something was telling her to go and check her bank account, so she went to the nearest ATM in town to check it and to her surprise, there was 2,000 pesos in her bank account. She was so sure that she had no money in her account, but God told her to give it to Pastor Ian. Who could have probably sent her that money? My guess. . . the God who is all-knowing! On the day of their flight, the money was sent to him early in the morning and before he left his friend's house to go to the airport, his friend handed him 2,000 pesos. It was another unexpected blessing! For he didn't tell his friend that he needed the money for his trip. When he arrived at the airport, he met Pastor Manny and Argie. Pastor Manny came up to him and whispered, "Do you have some extra money?" As a matter of fact, he does because his friend gave him another blessing so they would have some pocket money. They successfully checked in and the ticket was legit, and it was followed by a question of Pastor Manny to Pastor Ian, "do you believe now?" It was a nerve-racking experience and it sounded ridiculous when people go to other countries with no ticket or pocket money two days before their departure. But Pastor Ian's story is proof that God can always make a way for His children who are brave enough to step out in faith. It may seem impossible but with God, nothing is too hard or impossible. The story doesn't end yet. More mind-blowing incidents are going to happen in this story; hard to fathom but all you need to do is to BELIEVE. John 14:1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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