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God used their three-year-old daughter to pour overflowing blessings when they were in South Korea!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


Pastor Genesis Olimpo, IT Trainer and missionary has been to South Korea several times. But his second trip to South Korea was the most challenging one. After his successful first trip to Korea, he invited his family to be a part of IT Philippines because he wanted them to experience the tremendous things he just had after joining IT. His family was on fire after hearing Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, teach in training and preach every Thursday fellowship. Pastor Gani's famous quote "just move forward" became the family's motto on this trip. They decided to go by faith, which means they didn't have enough money for this trip. But in IT Philippines, we are taught to walk by faith and not by sight; so that was more than enough to fuel Pastor Genesis' family to go to South Korea.

Pastor Genesis with his wife, three-year-old daughter, and his in-laws went to South Korea. They all arrived safe and excited. However, they had no definite plan of where to stay but God led them to a Filipino, who's been living in Korea. She's going on a vacation so her house will be empty for the entire month. Pastor Genesis and his family thought it would be better to stay in a house because it is more convenient and for the comfort of the entire family.

They found this beautiful house they could rent for a month which costs 20,000 pesos. With full faith, they decided to take it even though they didn't have the money yet. "Just move forward" Pastor Genesis reassured himself. For days they have tried to cut back on their food expenses so they would have money to pay for the rent of the house in which they decided to stay in. Honestly speaking, he knew that no matter how much they skimped on the food they would still need more money just to pay the 20,000 pesos. He started to question himself, "why did we have to rent such a house?" He had no source of income hence the lack of money. He poured out his heart to God because of the dire situation they were in.

Adding to his worries, his three-year-old daughter was restless and liked to move around a lot all the time. "It's hard to have a three-year-old when you're traveling," he thought at that time because of the predicament they were in. Pastor Genesis' mother-in-law gave him some money, but it wasn't enough. They tried so hard to save up more because their daughter will have her birthday a few days later and they wanted to buy her a cake at least. Pastor Genesis visited two churches: one every two Sundays. His daughter kept running and giggling and he started to worry that people might think she was being naughty. However, it was surprisingly regarded as cute by other people. Their three-year-old daughter received a lot of monetary gifts from church members because they thought she was very adorable. They were so amazed at how God used their daughter to bless them. The gifts she received were nearly 15,000 pesos and even Pastor Genesis received love gifts from the two churches they visited. God is truly amazing in using the most unconventional way -- the one we least expected! It just proves how brilliant God is!

In the church they visited one Sunday, the church members would always ask the congregation who has birthdays in that month. It was the month of April, and it was their daughter's birth month! The church had prepared a birthday cake and sang a birthday song for her. The cake was worth 4,000 pesos! "There I was worrying about my daughter's birthday cake and skimping on food so I could buy at least a small cake, but God surprised us with a big and expensive cake". Pastor Genesis was so overwhelmed and touched by God's surprise to his family. He was overjoyed and praised God beyond words. God used their daughter to bless their trip and it was truly a wonderment for they didn't expect it would turn out like that. Other people had dissuaded them from bringing their daughter because of the expenses but God proved them wrong. God used the least expected people so all the glory will go to Him. God is truly wise, and no one can surpass Him! Their one-month stay in South Korea was truly amazing. Pastor Genesis and his family were able to pay 20,000 pesos and they had so much food. "You know when you have too much food that it felt like torture" he jokingly added.

At first, they tried to skimp on food, but God made sure that they would have more than enough for the rest of their trip. The house they didn't have the money for was paid in full and God had used their daughter as a channel of blessing when others thought she would just add to their burden. God works most unexpectedly! Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise! No one can fathom His greatness!

1 Corinthians 1:27

But God chose the foolish things of the world, that he might put to shame them that are wise; and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put to shame the things that are strong.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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