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Even cancer can't stop me from going on missions.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022


Sister MJ and her team were sent off to Europe to do the ‘We Will Bless the World’ Mission Trip. They first arrived in the Netherlands, and everything went well. Despite not having enough money in their wallets God used the men and women of peace to accommodate their needs. Sister MJ has been leading their team to the places they should go since she is good at directions even if it was her first time in Europe.

Their second stop was in Belgium, Germany. As the leader, she made sure that the 20 missionaries under her care were well-guided. After their few days in Belgium, the next destination on their itinerary is Albania. Before going to Albania, they took the bus, and being their leader, she made sure her teammates were all informed and being taken care of. While attending to the needs of others she didn’t realize that her luggage was gone. All of her clothes and stuff were there, “what am I going to do?” she thought anxiously as she tried to figure out what to do. But she was still grateful to the Lord that all her valuables and especially her passport are in her purse. She decided to go to France because her aunt lives there. Before she left Belgium, she reported to the authorities that her luggage was lost hoping she could get it back.

Now. . . she’s faced with the challenge of traveling alone to France by herself for the first time. “Lord, I trust you” she muttered to herself to gain confidence as she got on the bus. All she had was her purse and the address she had saved on her phone. As she got off the bus, she prayed earnestly “Lord, please lead the way to my aunt’s house, I don’t even know how to speak French, how will I find it?” Her aunt was old, so she wasn’t able to pick her up at the bus station, so from there she walked to her aunt’s house. With the help of a map, she walked and walked and finally found her aunt’s house! She met her aunt’s family and she told her everything that happened. Her aunt advised her not to go to Albania and Sister MJ also felt discouraged because of her lost luggage. The rest of her teammates were already in Albania, and they all have been praying for her. Sister MJ felt in her heart that something is missing, she felt that her life would be incomplete if she gave up right there and then, so she made up her mind to go to Albania. Her uncle provided for her plane ticket from Paris to Albania and she got clothes and a new suitcase with her. What she lost was replaced with brand new and a promise of great adventures ahead is waiting for her. But she’s faced with another test... it seemed that something was stopping her from going to Albania. Do you think she’ll get discouraged again and just stay in Paris or will she continue with her mission even if there’s another hurdle?

She had already gotten on the plane but because of technical issues, the plane had to go back to Paris. She asked for prayers because she knows that nothing can defeat a group of Christians especially when they unite in prayer. Instead of getting discouraged, she started to be more encouraged to go because she felt that there must be something great for her to see in Albania that the enemy doesn’t want her to see. Because of her delayed flight, no one could pick her up at the airport, so she had to go on her own again and managed to get a taxi to the accommodation where her other teammates were staying. It was a great decision that she pushed through despite all that happened. She had an amazing time in Albania with her teammates and went home blessed and encouraged. When she arrived in the Philippines, she received 48,000 pesos from the insurance for her lost luggage! She has more money than when she left. Truly God is so amazing!

Her story inspired a lot of people to trust in the Lord and even when she was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer, she doesn't stay defeated, but she has already received healing from her Father in Heaven for her fast recovery. It is the same faithful Father who didn't leave her when she was alone in Europe and Who will bless her with more years, so she continues her mission.

Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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