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6th CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2023 in HONGKONG .... may I have more info , pls! (Letters & Info Packs)

Dear ITP Eagles and Friends,

In a month’s time, we will see each other in the beautiful bustling city of Hongkong. We are so excited for this gathering and we look forward to walking the streets of Hongkong with you. Here are additional information to add to the first two info packs …


It would be helpful to visualize Hongkong in four (4) compartments. Hong Kong can be divided into four parts: HONG KONG Island, the KOWLOON peninsula, the NEW TERRITORIES and the numerous outlying islands (inc. Lantau Island).

There are free tourist maps of Hongkong available on the airport or in the hotels. A map of the MTR METRO TRAINS will be really helpful as you navigate your way around Hongkong. We advise that you get one and carry it with you always to provide you with a good view of the various locations where you plan to go and visit or download the map and store in your Smartphone. We also have a smaller map printed in the conference manual and in the Info Pack.

Google map and Waze works also in Hongkong. There is no separate apps to download. What you are using in your country will work automatically there.


Getting around Hongkong is easy: Most of the locations that you plan to go to probably have an MTR station close by. Most routes are covered by the MTR and those that aren’t can be reached by BUS, MINIBUS, TRAM or TAXIS. Payments for all of the transport options can be made by using the prepaid OCTOPUS CARD. (Please refer to INFO PACK # 1 on this item.)


The best way to get around HONGKONG is to use the MTR–Mass Transit Railways system.

a. ROUTES: Eleven (11) major routes/ lines will bring you to almost all the locations and attractions in Hongkong. The trains here are efficient and punctual. Waiting periods per train can range from as little as 2 minutes during peak times to as much as 15 minutes during off-peak times/ later at night.

b. SCHEDULE: Trains on all lines start between 5:30 a.m. to 6:10 a.m., and stop between 12:50 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.

c. FARES: The MTR fare starts from HK$3.5 (Php 25) and increases along with the distance traveled to one’s final destination.

d. DIRECTIONS: There are MRT maps posted on the walls in each stations to help you figure out the line colors that will go to the station of your destination.

e. ONLINE TRIP PLANNER: Download the MTR Mobile app

( to plan your trip using your smartphone. Use the trip planner on the official MTR website to plan your trips, find out the cost, and read up on real time updates that might affect your ride.


If you’re in for a little adventure and a wonderful experience, take the DOUBLE DECKER BUS to get around Hongkong.. You may need to be assisted in the beginning for you to get the hang of travelling around the city by bus, We will ask some of our seasoned missionaries who frequently travel to HongKong, to brief you on how to go from point to point by bus.

Pointers in riding the bus: Fares range from HK$2.70 (Php 20) to a higher fare depending on the length of the route. Buses don’t give back the change. If you have a bigger bill have it changed first at the convenience store before you get on the bus. Or even easier, just use an OCTOPUS Card.

Bus services start from before 6 a.m. and run till 1:00 a.m. A smaller number of night buses run from midnight to 6 a.m.


MINIBUSES are smaller “buses” that seat a maximum of 19 passengers and serve shorter routes. There are two types of minibus, categorized by color – RED and GREEN MINIBUS.

Green minibuses operate on fixed routes and set fares just like their double-decker buses. Passengers pay using their Octopus Card.

Red minibuses only have a set start and end point, and can take the fastest route to get from A to Z. These type of travel system is very much like the POINT to POINT Bus services in Metro Manila.


This is a must ride! A special Hongkong tour experience for the price of an ordinary bus fare. These old-fashioned, no air-conditioning, open-air & wooden bench seating trams operate only on a single, 12.5 kilometers east-west route., on a cruising speed of no more than 40 kms per hour.

To pay for a ride, get on whenever Here you want, and simply swipe your Octopus Card when you disembark The flat fare is HK$2.60 (Php 20) , using either the exact amount in coins or an Octopus card. Use the turnstiles at the back of the trams to get on, then pay at the front when you get off. \


Never leave Hongkong without riding the Star ferry that cruises from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon (and back again!) at the cost of a cheap cup of coffee. Cost per trip is HK$2.20. (Php 16)

The travel is slow and may take ten (10) minutes to reach your destination but with an amazing view of the famous Hongkong skyline, both daytime and nighttime. This will be one of the best photo op views of your trip in Hongkong.

There are many more ferry services that can bring you to the other outlying islands of Hongkong.


Taxi services in Hongkong are quite expensive. Meter flag down starts at HK$27 (Pesos 200) for the first 2km and HK$1.90 (Php14) per 200 meters. If you are travelling as a group or are just under time pressure, taxi is an option to use in going around Hongkong.

Taxi’s that are available in downtown Central Hongkong are colored red. Green Taxis serve the New Territories and Blue taxis are for Lantau Island.

Most taxi’s would only accept Cash payments.


Uber continues to operate in Hongkong. The Uber app that you used before it ceased to operate in Manila will work the same as it does before.

Grab Car does not operate in Hongkong.


Here is a short list of recommended places to go to in Hongkong specially if you only have a few hours to go around the city . It will only take a day for you to see these famous important sites.

Type the name of the places listed below in Google and you will. be directed to images of the tour location and information on how to go there...

BUDGET TOURS (FREE to roam, shopping is up to you) 1. AVENUE OF STARS .. Two thumbs up selfie opportunities with sculptures of Hong Kong legends such as martial arts master Bruce Lee etc.. Wonderful place for a stroll with an amzing view of Kowloon skyline

2. CAUSEWAY BAY one of the most crowded and central areas in HongKong. The area contains many shops, malls, restaurants, and special places to vist. it is also known in HiongKong as a popular social spot for young people.

3. VICTORIAS PEAK The high point on Hong Kong Island, offering the best views of the city stretching from the skyscrapers and towers of the city centre to the mountains in the New Territories

4. TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET Open air night market that is flocked by many , with stalls selling wide range of products. Market activties start at around 7pm and is crowded and festive by 8pm onwards.

5. STANLEY MARKET One of the most visited open street market selling a wide assortment of products, bric bracs, clothes, gifts, etc... Just a walk all over the market is a wonderful expereince oin its own.

6, HONGKONG OBSERVATION WHEEL - Similar to our very own Mall of Asia ferris wheel. Provides an amazing view of HongKong.

7. CAT STREET Flea market with stores selling mostly antiques and vintage products.

8. STAR FERRY TRIP A less-than-five-minute leisure journey from shore to shore,offering spectacular views of Hongkong's skylines. One of the best and cheapest photo ops and tour experience in Hongkong.

9.TSIM SHA TSUI CLOCK TOWER. A historic clock tower makes for a fantastic photo-op with Victoria Harbour at the background.

There are train stations close to all these go to places making it easy for anyone to tour Hongkong in a day or two. If you have extra days to spend then visits to theme parks below would be a wonderful treat..





There are so much more places to visit. All in all, Hongkong is a city that has so much to offer for visitors like us. And all it takes is for us to get to know how to move around the city via the MTR. A lot more exciting and beautiful places to visit outside the city will be presented at the conference.

The travel agent who assisted us in Vietnam was kind enough to offer her services for any tour requirement we may have in Hongkong. She will be in our Hongkong event to assist us in our group tours and transportation needs. We will have a table assigned for all tour reservations.

She will assist tours to Disneyland, Ngong Ping and the Peak. Rates are listed below:

Tickets only: Disneyland 1 day ticket only: USD 106/Adult, USD 85/Child Ngong Ping ticket only : USD 46/Adult, USD 34/Child The Peak ticket only : USD 30/Adult or Child are same price

Tickets with Round Trip Transfer to: Disneyland : USD 118/Adults, USD 98/Child Ngong Ping : USD 55/Adults, USD 50/Child The Peak: USD 50/Adult & Child are same rate

Above quotes are based on private transfer and minimum of 35 pax or up


Hong Kong has four seasons –warm and humid SPRING, hot and rainy SUMMER, sunny and pleasant AUTUMN and, cold and dry WINTER. Our conference dates (Nov 23-25) fall on the late Autumn season in Hongkong.

The month of November is considered as the best time of the year in Hong Kong for going around . This is because the month offers clear and pleasant weather with an average high temperature of around 24C and a low of 19C. We can expect temperature to drop though since December signals the start of Winter season in Hongkong and the time when cooler temperature starts to be experienced there. Better expect for a cooler weather and come prepared with light jackets at least.


On Nov 26 Sunday, a big delegation of conference participants will be heading to Macau for their Access 2 Training. Our Macau team will be celebrating their church anniversary and will be accommodating all of us at their special Sunday church service which will start at 2pm.

The rest who will remain may opt to attend worship services of their preferred church in Hongkong or take part in the church service here in our conference venue.

Here’s a short list of churches to choose from :



1. ECI FAMILY CHURCH ,Coordinator: Ptr Tony Mendoza

Directions: To get there, go to Lai Chi Kok MTR (TRAIN) Station. Go out of Exit C (there's a Body Shop inside the Station). After you exit, walk to the right until you reach the first block called Castle Peak Road. Take a left on that Road. Along that Road, on your right, you will see the greenish black building (as pictured above) on your right. Go inside the building, and walk to the left. Take the first elevator to your left, and press 1. Get out of the elevator, and go right until you see SPACE DEVELOPMENT. Ring the doorbell. It's best to be there by 10 am


1. Word for the World Hongkong 1/F Hong Kong & Macau Bldg. 156 - 7 Connaught Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong , Coordinators: Sis Ana Tuquero or Sis. Myrna Magno

2. Wesleyan Fellowship of Hongkong Connaught Road West Sheung Wan, Hongkong, Coordinator: Ptr Lester Tangunan

3. His Sanctuary Hongkong #46 Jordan Road, 1/F Kowloon, Hongkong, Coordinator., Ptr. Dicky Jamero

4. Gospel Praise Assembly. Flat 2317, 23/F, Block 3, Hei Tin House, Yan Tin Estate, TsZ Tin Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Coordinator: Ptr. Lito Estilong

We might add to the list a few more churches. We are still gathering information on our missionaries who have church affiliations in Hongkong and would love to invite some conference participants to their worship service.



Our Global Intercessors team will conduct PRE, DURING and POST conference prayer activities. These will include prayer walks all over Hongkong and prayer covering for the conference. Anyone interested in joining these prayer and intercession activities are very much welcome. All you need to do is inform our Global Intercessors leader, Ptra Rose Sadogio of your desire to take part in their activities. She will include you in her team and brief you in their itinerary and prayer program. You may contact her in her FB Messenger account under the same name.


On Nov 26 Sunday, many will be heading for Macau in the morning and will join a church anniversary in the afternoon. The rest who will be staying behind will attend a church of their choice. We do recommend that you allot time to go to the “PARK” .

One thing that you’ll notice right away in the Filipino church where you will be attending worship service, is that the congregation is majority Female. Some churches may not even have a single male present. Most would have one or two males, one being the pastor of the church and the other his assistant.. Why are the Filipino churches female dominated? The Philippines is a major provider of female OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers) mostly domestic helpers (household help, nanny’s etc..) employed by Chinese families in Hongkong. There are thousands of Filipina domestic helpers working in Hongkong and Sundays are allotted to them as their day off or free time. They all look forward to it and come Sunday they go to their respective churches. Some of the Filipina believers stay in church for their Sunday church activities but most go out to the park. They head to the Central District Area in Hongkong Statue Square to spend the whole day with their fellow overseas workers. The “park” for them is not like the park that we all know, rather it is a gathering place in the business and commercial area surrounded by skyscrapers, where every Filipina workers go to mingle with fellow workers. They bring an abundance of packed foods to share, set up make shift shelters using cardboards, bring board games and cards, and spend a lot of time talking about the latest gossips and news on events in the Philippines. Some spiritual groups will be singing and praying together and will be enjoying their time of fellowship with fellow believers.

Ministry here is not on what you can do right away to them but what you will receive in your time with them. Get to know some of them. Empathize as you listen to their outpouring of their hearts, feel their struggles and pain and share with their joy as well. Most importantly, pray to the Lord for a revelation as to why you are there in that moment in time. Let the PARK open a flood gate of understanding about your life’s purpose and your essence for living.


Please always include the conference and the organizing staffs in your prayers. Pray also for GOD’s provision for all those who will be attending the conference.

We’ll this is it for now! I’m excited and looking forward to another great leadership conference.

See you soon … many blessings!

Ptr Gani Sison

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