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3rd GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE in THAILAND . May I have more info, please…?


Dear ITP Eagles and Friends,


In less than two weeks’ time, we will see each other in the beautiful bustling city of BANGKOK. We are so excited for this gathering and we look forward to walking the streets of Bangkok & Pattaya with you. Here are additional information to add to the previous info packs …



There are free maps of the city of Bangkok … on the airport or in the hotels. We advise that you get one and carry it with you always to provide you with a good view of the various locations where you plan to go and visit. Maps are also available online as well as the many wonderful places  to go to. Just Google Moving around Bangkok City or Places to go to in Bangkok.


Google map and Waze works also in Thailand. There is no separate apps to download. What you are using in your country will work automatically there.

GOING AROUND BANGKOK (Public Transport in the City)


1. BANGKOK TAXIS: Taxi services in Bangkok are reasonable and plentiful. It would not be difficult to get one at any anytime of the day.. If you are traveling as a group or are just under time pressure, taxi is a good option to use in going around Bangkok.

The flag down fee or initial fare starts at 35 baht (Pesos 57)  and stays there for the first 2 kms. The fare gradually works its way up with 2 baht (Pesos 3)  at a time (roughly per km). A surcharge applies in traffic jams (1.25 baht (Pesos 2)  per meter when moving under 6 km/h). Typical taxi fares for going a few kilometers are around 50 baht (Pesos 80) . Communication can be a problem with the majority of Bangkok's taxi drivers as they often speak little English.  It's always a good idea to carry a map, or the name and location of where you're heading to written in Thai. Passengers are responsible for any tolls. Tipping is not expected.


Bangkok taxis are famous for being very colorful. Among these Colors are: Green with Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green. This means nothing, as those are just different companies offering the same fares and features. It is easy to recognize them as they all have the Taxi sign on top of the Car, In addition, their Plates are Orange other than the normal white Plates.

You can Know whether a taxi is available or not by seeing the Red Light Sign in Thai. The Thai characters on this sign means Available. Therefore when it is lighted up that means that the Taxi is Available. If turned off that it means that the Taxi is not available. Just like in Manila, the driver may ask you where are you going. Then, they can Accept or refuse to take you with them. This is normal in Bangkok and most of the Taxi drivers do that before letting the customer go in.

WARNING: Similar to Manila or in other major cities of the world, there are taxi drivers who will try to take advantage of visitors/ tourists. All taxis have meters installed. Many drives balk at using them so they could demand a price that is always overinflated.  If a driver quotes you a price rather than switches on the meter, try another


Once in a taxi, it would be good to let the driver know that you have Google maps to show directions. Doing so could discourage drivers from taking the long way around instead of going straight to the location.


Also, when stepping out of the taxi, look behind you and make sure there's no motorcycle coming before you open a car door. It's very common for passengers to open the door without looking, and have a motorcycle slam into it. This can cause serious injury to the motorcycle driver, the taxi passenger, as well as considerable damage to the taxi itself. 

2. GRAB CAR: The Grab App that you use in your country will work here automatically. There is no need to do anything with your app. Just open it and the phone will display the same service that you get from your own place. The rates will be displayed in Thai Baht (THB) though. One of the challenges in hailing a Grab car is in determining the right address where you plan to go to. It would be advisable to ask the assistance of an IT Missionary based in Bangkok  to confirm whether the address you choose to go to is the right one.



3. TRAINS IN BANGKOK:  Bangkok traffic is as notorious as the traffic situation in Manila. Instead of taking a taxi, grab car or bus, most travelers prefer to use the trains to bring them to their destination fast. There are two train options available: The BTS (Skytrain) or MRT (subway).


a.    BTS (Skytrain) : The heart of the Skytrain network is Siam Station, a massive interchange connecting the two BTS lines: Sukhumvit (light green on maps) and Silom (dark green on maps). Trains run every 5-10 minutes from approximately 5:30 a.m. until midnight. Prices for single journeys are calculated by distance and range from 17-62 baht (between Pesos 27 and Pesos 100). Ticketing machines clearly display the cost from your current station. The average cost of a one-way trip is usually at Pesos 56 or less. A one day pass for 24 hours of unlimited rides costs 150 baht (around Pesos 240).


b.   MRT Subway : The MRT currently has two lines—the Blue Line and the Purple Line—and two monorail lines, Yellow and Purple. The interchange for the Blue Line and Purple Line is Tao Poon Station. The BTS and MTR intersect, too. The MRT runs from approximately 6 a.m. until midnight. Trains run every 5-10 minutes, depending on time of day. Prices are based on distance covered and range from 14-42 baht (between Pesos 22 and Pesos 68).


Ticketing machines for the trains accept small denominations of Thai baht and vend an RFID token that is tapped for entrance to the platforms. The token must be surrendered to exit.


The expected restrictions—no eating and drinking—apply for all trains in Bangkok. Some visitors are surprised to learn that photography and video are also prohibited.

BANGKOK BTS SKYTRAIN RABBIT CARD : Since most of us will be staying for a week in Bangkok, we suggest that you purchase a Rabbit card (like our BEEP Card in Manila) for 200 Baht (Pesos 320)  - 100 baht for the card and 100 baht for the stored value. You may top it up with cash on any ticketing machine (minimum load of 15 Baht ). The Rabbit Card can also be used in many restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC etc…


On the last day of your trip, you can get a refund on your deposit and unused stored value from any ticket office in the metro station, minus a nominal 50 Baht (Pesos 80) administrative fee..


Rabbit card can be used only for the BTS SKYTRAIN system and not valid for the MRT Subway trains. You may use your Visa or Mastercard for the MRT trains.


4. BUSES IN BANGKOK: Bangkok’s buses are the slowest, most complicated option for getting around — not an advised option to go around Bangkok. If you do take the bus, you pay the conductor on the bus, and be sure to have small change available. Most buses (except for all-night ones) run between 5am and 11pm daily. Regular bus fares cost around 8 baht or Pesos 12.





Fast and scenic transportation option – minus traffic, new travel experience, economic tour vehicle, and it’s fun and challenging at the same time. This is highly recommended for IT missionaries looking for a good ride experience in Bangkok.

There are 5 different types of Express Boat river taxis:

  1. No flag (local line)

  2. Blue flag line (tourist boat)

  3. Orange flag line

  4. Yellow flag line

  5. Green flag line

Boats with no flag (local line)

  • Stops at every pier

  • Runs Monday–Friday from 6am to 6.30pm

  • Costs around 10-20 baht

This boat has no flag and stops at every pier from Wat Rajsingkorn (Pier S1) in the south to Nonthaburi (Pier N30) in the north. It runs on weekdays only. Departures are scheduled every 20 minutes. As with all types of boat, you can pay at the ticket kiosk or directly to the staff on the boat.

Blue Flag (Tourist Boat)

  • Stops at various points as you please

  • Runs daily from 9am to 7pm

  • Costs around 40 baht/trip (Pesos 65) An all-day pass would cost around Pesos 160)

This service operates between Nonthaburi in the far north of Bangkok to Sathorn Central Pier from 7am to 6.25pm. The all-day pass offers unlimited trips. English speaking staff will call out every stop clearly over a microphone and ask if anyone wants to alight at that stop. If there are no passengers to get on or off the boat, it won't stop. In between stops, staff explain the sights lining the river on either side.

Orange  Flag

  • Stops at the main piers

  • Runs daily from 5.50am to 7pm

  • Costs around 15 baht (Pesos 25) per journey

Yellow Flag

  • Large express boat for commuters

  • Runs Monday–Friday from 6.15am to 7am and from 4.45pm to 8pm

  • Costs around 20-29 baht (Pesos 32 to 47)

Running only during rush hours, yellow flag boats are the larger type also used by the Tourist Boat. It can fit more passengers on, has better quality seats and is faster in the water. Stopping at only 10 piers, it's an express boat designed primarily to service commuters coming to and from work from the northern outskirts of Bangkok.

Green Flag

  • Express boat for commuters

  • Runs Monday–Friday from 6.10am to 08.10am and from 4.05pm to 6.05pm

  • Costs around 13-32 baht (Pesos 20 to 50)

This is an express boat and the only route which stretches all the way to the northernmost pier of the Bangkok river taxi route. Boats with a green flag on the front and rear will only stop at 13 out of 33 piers.

6. BANGKOK TUK TUKS:  We call them glorified Manila tricycles – sought more by tourists but an expensive travel option.  They cost the same as a taxi, but have no meter. This means you can usually negotiate the fare (and you should do before any ride). For a brief journey (1 to 2 kilometers), you should pay around 50 baht (Pesos 80)  Tuk-tuks operate a lot like taxis. To ride one, you simply stand on the street and wave them down,




Our conference dates (July)  will have an average temperature will be between 30 degrees Celsius  and 35 degrees Celsius. It will be both rainy and humid . Showers are likely but often comes in short downpours. Would be good to bring a small foldable umbrella or better yet, buy them cheaper from any local store there.


Information on the tour options after the conference will be provided by our friends and co-missionaries from Thailand  at the conference site. Several groups have already made their own arrangements and those who would like to join them must talk to them directly. It is easy to move around to different “go-to places” in the city by just simply understanding their locations from the map. You’ll be surprised at the many things that you could visit and enjoy in the cities of Bangkok and Pattaya




Those who participated in our Facebook Faith exercise “BY FAITH, I WILL BE HERE!” are requested to submit screenshots of your posting that shows the number of Likes (including hearts) to claim the gifts. Deadline for submitting the screenshots to claim the prizes is on JULY 10, 2024 midnight.  Prizes will be handed over to the winners at the conference. Those who will not be able to join the conference will forfeit their prize and will just be raffled off and distributed to the conference participants. There could be over a hundred winners, so we are requesting the screenshots to be submitted early so we’ll have time to prepare all the gifts. Please send the screenshot to Katherine Merencillo.




As of today, we have recognized already 22 awardees of free roundtrip plane tickets and free conference registration. We are still waiting for a few. More GMC’s to reach the number of points to claim their plane incentives. We have set JULY 10, 2024 midnight as the cut-off date for claiming the free plane ticket prize.





Our office will provide several important pre departure briefings/meetings via ZOOM to be handled by our office staff . The objective is to prepare all of you for your airport immigration encounter – both here and in Thailand. We want to make sure that all bases are covered well before you depart for Thailand. You will be provided with all the required departure documents to include ITeams Phils documents stating the nature of the event, conference program, etc.


PRE – DEP # 1 :    JULY 9, 2024 @ 2pm  & 5pm             

Meeting ID: 823 1824 6236

Passcode: 527799

2pm meeting is for those departing via Cebu Pacific July 16 12am flight

5pm meeting is for those departing via Cebu Pacific  July 16  7am flight


PRE – DEP # 2 :   JULY 10, 2024 @ 2pm & 5pm

Meeting ID: 891 4489 3571

Passcode: 288176

 2pm meeting is for those departing via AirAsia July 16 9am flight

 5pm meeting is for those departing via AirAsia July 16 6pm flight


PRE – DEP # 3 :  JULY 11, 2024 @ 2pm & 5pm

Meeting ID: 846 3547 4960

Passcode: 699430 

2pm meeting is for those departing via Cebu Pacific  July 17 12am flight

5pm meeting is for those departing via Cebu Pacific  July 17   7am flight


PRE – DEP # 4 :  JULY 12, 2024 @ 2pm & 5pm

Meeting ID: 824 3824 7438

Passcode: 473908

2pm meeting is for those departing via AirAsia July 17 5pm flight

5pm meeting is for those departing via AirAsia July 17 6pm flight)


PRE – DEP # 5 :  JULY 13, 2024 @ 3pm & 7pm

Meeting ID: 865 8922 0961

Passcode: 766603

3pm and 7pm  meetings are for those departing via other airlines and other flights


This is it for now! There’s probably one more Info Pack to go before we all fly out to Thailand.


Please pray for the success of our 3rd Global Tentmakers Conference. Let’s believe that GOD will do something amazing and unforgettable at our conference. Let’s all join hands in our commitment to bring honor and glory to the LORD to all the nations of the world.


May there be nothing but praises and thanksgiving to our Master and King all throughout the conference.

Ptr. Gani Sison & IT Office Organizing Team



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