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Updated: Apr 10

3rd GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE 2024 in THAILAND… may I have more info, please? (Info Pack & Letters) \

Greetings IT Phils Eagles,

Mark your calendar for the Tentmakers Conference of the year !!! The 3rd GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE 2024 in THAILAND!

We are still overflowing with gratitude to the Lord for the success of our 14th EAST ASIA REGIONAL CONFERENCE 2024 in MALAYSIA and ACCESS 2 in SINGAPORE. They were truly awesome!!!

And now here comes another one- the 3rd GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE 2024. Last year, we the tentmakers event was held in Vietnam. Now, it's THAILAND’S turn to host our exciting Tentmakers international missions’ event!

The results of our past mission conferences held in Thailand were so remarkable that the request for another Thailand event resounded loudly. So, with great joy we are returning to THAILAND for our 2024 Global Tentmakers conference and gathering of IT eagles.



CONFERENCE : JULY 18 - 20, 2024

ACCESS 2 : JULY 21 - 25, 2024 

Online registration is now open at our website – . You may use this link to go directly to the registration page – .


Please register online for your name to be included in our conference database. All registered participants will receive regular conference info packs detailing budget, accommodation, venue, conference program, post-conference trips etc . You may also contact Kathy Merencillo@ 09329085347, 09157192663 for event info, flight booking and registration assistance. You may also send a private message to her FB account: Katherine Merencillo.


Endorsement of an IT missionary is required for those who would like to join but are not members of International Teams.


The cost of flights is still low. Take advantage of the promo fares by booking early. Early registration offers a huge discount too. So, don’t miss out on the offer . Go to your computer and register right away.


Don’t miss out on this huge blessing! This will be an amazing event!!

We declared with one voice at our past conferences  .. “we will KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD and MAKE JESUS KNOWN TO ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD!!!”

Let’s go … IT global eagles!!!

We will bless the world!!!

Ptr Gani Sison


3rd Global Tentmakers Conference Information Pack # 1


1. THAILAND CONFERENCE INFO PACK– This will be the official source of information on anything/everything related to our 3rd Global Tentmakers Conference 2024 in THAILAND.


2. REGISTRATIONOnline registration for the conference is now open. You need to complete the registration so our event organizers could include your name in our conference participants list, prepare your conference ID’s, T-shirts and conference materials and reserve room, meals, and snacks for you.


3. VISA– There is no need for an Entry Visa for a Filipino to enter Thailand. All you need to present to the THAI airport authorities are your passport, a return ticket and if asked, proof of conference event and accommodation during your stay in the country. Please double check your passports expiration date. The Philippine immigration officers won’t allow you to leave the country if your travel date falls within 6 months prior to expiration. If you are Philippine born but holding a non-Philippines passport, you must check with the Thai embassy for their visa requirements for citizens of the country shown on your passport. For other nationalities who need to apply for entry visa to Thailand, our office will provide the necessary documents – invitation to the conference, status as IT missionary or trainee, etc.



You may directly book your flights at your desired airlines or the travel agency of your choice.


Please take advantage of the low airline rates. At of this writing, the cost of round-trip ticket is much lower than a plane trip to Palawan, Ilocos Norte, and other provinces in our country. The rates may not hold for long so don’t wait for the price to go down. The possibility is far more in favor of costs going up.



Effective this year, our IT Office or any of our office staff will no longer be able to provide airline booking assistance. We sent out already a general communique explaining the rationale for the decision. The memo states …



We would like to inform all IT Missionaries & Missionaries in Training that we are discontinuing all flight booking assistance effective this month of January 2024.  A service that was started by a few of our staff to help a handful of our technology challenged missionaries have recently been overwhelmed by the steep increase in the number of missionaries asking for such help.  We recognize that our present essential services staff are no longer adequate to serve the fast-growing number of trainees and new missionaries in this area. Our recent failures to deliver the service on time led to disappointments and complaints which we don’t take lightly. Our present staff have too much work on their plates already and their best intention to help simply falls short of expectations. To remedy the situation, we decided to discontinue the practice.  Our office staff were already given instructions to inform everyone that we can no longer provide such assistance. 


We suggest that you avail; of the services of a travel agency for your flight booking needs or try to book directly online on the website of the airline of your choice. You may also ask your fellow missionaries who have already been booking their own flights to; provide the guidance that you need.


Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support.


Our conference and other activities will be held in BANGKOK City. The main airport is Suvarnabhumi International Airport  or better known as BANGKOK AIRPORT. Transport options will be presented on our next info pack.



Information on the conference venue and location will be shared on the next info pack. We are still trying to identify the best available venue that could accommodate our estimated number of participants for the event.


A contribution of US$80 or P4,000 per participant will help cover expenses on venue rental, and lunch meals, snacks, conference materials, honorariums, etc. Early registration offers a huge discount too, so sign up early to avail of the lower registration cost. The conference fee covers already ACCESS 2 Training registration. There is no separate fee anymore for ACCESS 2 except for their budget for the expenses that will be incurred on their 5 days training. Their budget will include mainly accommodation, transportation, and meals for the almost weeklong training. ACCESS 2 budget will be presented on our next Info Pack.



 Conference program, conference theme and speakers’ profile will be provided on the next Info Pack.


We will help facilitate the formation of groups who would like to do a short mission trips or exposure visits to team ministry sites in border countries of Thailand.  We are still in the process of identifying various locations for the post conference group trips. Detailed information will be provided later.  So far, we are eyeing visits to Pakse in LAOS, Poi Pet, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh in CAMBODIA, Ho Chi Minh City in VIETNAM. If you plan to do multiple country visits that will possibly end in Vietnam, we advise that you book for a one way trip to Bangkok first and book the return flight when you are already sure of your return date and location. (You need to complete your return booking before your departure from the Philippines to Thailand. Immigration will not allow travelers without long term visas to travel without a return trip ticket) The IT office team will set up a post-conf table during the conference to aid those who will be joining the post-conference trips.


ACCESS 2 participants have a separate program itinerary which they will have to comply with. The groups training itinerary will all be in Bangkok and Pattaya.



All ITP missionaries, alumni and partners are invited to the conference. If you would like to invite your friends or relatives to the conference, we would require that they be of the same faith. The conference is not an evangelistic gathering, and the topics will not suit those coming from a different religious background. They will be classified as SPECIAL GUESTS.


Conference participants are responsible for their own lodging. For this conference participants could choose their own accommodation based on their budget and preference. We have requested our Thailand missionaries to look around for possible free hosting accommodations to help those who are financially challenged. As soon as we get confirmation from them, we will inform all of you right away. Those who have church networks here in BANGKOK & PATTAYA are requested to help others with their accommodation needs.  Our office staff will be coordinating with your GMC leaders as soon as they receive news or accommodation status updates .



 Our office will provide an important pre-departure briefing/meeting to be handled by our office support staffs, a few days before your departure. The objective is to prepare all of you for your airport immigration encounter – both here and in Thailand. We want to make sure that all bases are covered well before sending you out to Thailand. You will be provided with all the required departure documents to include ITP documents stating the nature of the event, conference program, and accommodation guarantee, etc.



· The Philippine government requires all government employees to first secure clearance before they are allowed to travel outside of the country. If you are a government employee and could not present the document upon the demand of our airport immigration authority, you will be denied boarding. Please make sure you secure one as early as possible. We have missionaries in the past who were not allowed to board because of their failure to attend to this important requirement. It may take over a month to receive a clearance if approved, so please try to apply for one right away. Our office will issue the needed certification explaining the reason for your trip to Thailand.



· Q: Do I need a Covid Vaccine or Vaccination Certificate to enter Thailand?

   A: No, you don’t. Currently, Covid Vaccination passport of certificates are not mandatory to enter Thailand.



· Please always include the conference and the organizing staffs in your prayers. Pray also for GOD’s provision for all those who will be attending the conference. Pray for the 3rd GLOBAL TETNMAKERS CONFERENCE 2024 and ACCESS 2 Mission Training in THAILAND to be fruitful and successful.

Looking forward to walking the streets of BANGKOK with you !!!


Ptr Gani Sison


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