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Dear brothers and sisters from other nations,

We are so pleased to know that we have participants from other nations in our Vietnam conference. We also celebrate their inclusion to our Access 2 Mission Training.

The five Info Packs that we released would be useful as you navigate your way to and in VIETNAM for the conference. However, we do recognize that it is lacking in the areas that could fully address the needs of those coming from other countries. So, we will try to cover those at this Info Pack, specially designed for non-Filipino nationals.

Here are some useful info …

A. ENTRY VISAS to VIETNAM: We leave it up to each foreign nationals to determine VIETNAM entry visa requirements for visiting foreigners to their country. For Filipinos, our membership in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) accorded every Filipino nationals the visa free privilege which means they can just enter Vietnam simply with a Philippine passport at hand. However, Filipino’s who possess a different passport (ex. Taiwanese passport holders) are still required to apply for an entry visa to Vietnam.

Formal invitation documents coming from International Teams Phils detailing the event will be sent to you should you request for one. Please supply us with embassy information (name of the embassy and complete address) that we will use on the documents.


1. Language: We will provide English translations of Tagalog (Filipino) messages and Vietnamese translations of Tagalog/ English messages. The translators will only be able to provide the gist, or the substance /essence of the message being conveyed and not a word for word translation. The translators will not be standing up on the stage with the speakers. They will be at the back row portion of the hall and will speak thru a wireless translation equipment to talk to the non- Tagalog/Filipino participants.

2. Translators: We have a team of missionaries who are assigned to take turns in providing the translation service. The lead translator is: MC Pineda . She will be assisted by the following: Jules Ostan, Jen Aspacio, Karen Valencia and Juliet Brines. For the Vietnamese, Bro Tan Le will handle all the translation needs of the Vietnamese participants.

3. Designated Area: The last row at the back will seat all foreign nationals who will need translation service, since it will be the closest to the translator and will offer less audio signal distortion. Headphones and receiving devices will be entrusted to each one and must be returned immediately to the translator after use. Our wireless transmitters are limited and we can only serve 30 individuals at a time.

4. Wireless Equipment: A wireless headset will be provided per individual. Our wireless equipment setup can serve only 30 individuals at a time. Please look for Kathy Merencillo or Jerald Sinsay if you know anyone who would be needing this service, please inform and assist them to the designated staff.


A set of documents for immigration purposes will be supplied to all participants - Filipinos and other nationalities.. For the foreign nationals, our conference organizers will provide the documents to the email address that you'll provide. The Filipino participants will be given instructions on how they would receive their set of documents. If you have not received the documents at least 3 days before your departure, please contact Kathy Merencillo at her FB Messenger.

D. ACCOMMODATIONS: The registration fee does not include hotel accommodations. Please read the INFO PACKS for more information on the various accommodation options while in Vietnam. Please be sure to have a definite hotel booking upon arrival for a worry-free stay in Vietnam.

E. VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS: We have provided a short and simple explanation on the most recent Vietnam Covid requirements and protocol for travelers to Vietnam. Please check Info Pack # 1 on the subject matter. We believe that the same protocols and requirements apply to all nationalities.

F. POST CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES There will be meetings and side huddles at the conference to discuss plans on what to do after the conference. Many will proceed to Ramana Saigon Hotel for their Access 2 training. The rest will have an option to enjoy everything Saigon city has to offer or travel to the many beautiful go to places outside of the main city. There are also groups who plan to go to CAMBODIA, LAOS and THAILAND for their post conference activities. We have long missionaries based on those countries who will be in the conference. They would be more than happy to assist you on your plan to visit their ministries. Please feel free to mingle and fellowship with your fellow missionaries and take part in their planned activities. You will always be a welcome addition to any group. We are all brothers and sisters in the faith!

G. CURRENCY EXCHANGE: We advise that you have your local currency changed to VIETNAMESE DONG (VND) as soon as you set foot in the HO CHI MINH CITY airport. You will be needing the VND when you travel to your initial destination in SAIGON. There are many Currencies Exchange counters all over the airport. Not all of them accept all type of currencies though. They would normally have the list of currencies that they could change to VND and the prevailing rates as well, on the board facing the travelers. ATM Machines are also everywhere. If your DEBIT cards have the international service providers logo like Mastercard, Plus, Maestro and Cirrus at the back of your card, then most likely you will be able to make withdrawals easily. The ATM machine will bring out VND equivalent to the money withdrawn. Credit cards are widely accepted in Vietnam also.


We have a team organized to provide assistance to conference participants from other nations, specially those who are joining our event for the very first time and does not know anyone (except the IT Missionary who extended the invitation) . Our office staffs will be easy to spot at the conference for they will be wearing black vests with labels indicating that they are the event officials or CONFERENCE STAFFS. Please feel free to approach them and voice out your need. They will try their very best to help you.

I. MORE CONFERENCE INFO … please go to the MISSION BLOGS page on our website and look for the Seminars and Conferences section. You will find there all the INFO PACKS (1-6) providing information source on everything related to the conference. Read them, print the documents, and bring them with you as your travel reference and guide while in Vietnam. We are posting this Info Pack #5 together with our Final Info Pack # 6.

We are looking forward to getting to know you more and serve alongside you in the mission field. The event would be a wonderful place for us to chat, fellowship, pray and even plan for what could be our future mission ministry together as International Teams missionaries.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vietnam.


Ptr Gani Sion

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