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1st GLOBAL TENTMAKERS 2022 CONFERENCE Information Pack # 3

1st GLOBAL TENTMAKERS 2022 CONFERENCE Information Pack # 3

Dear ITP Eagles and Friends,

The excitement level is up! We will be seeing each other tomorrow. I am sure that we will all have an amazing time together in this beautiful city of Tagaytay.

Some final minute instructions:

1. BRING JACKET/SWEATER and UMBRELLA – as of Apr 13, my weather check is 22 C which tells us that the place is relatively cool, but the rains that tropical depression Agaton may bring will surely pull the temperature lower. It would be fun though to wake up early and enjoy the fog in the streets of Tagaytay.

2. SOUTHEAST ASIA MISSION WORKSHOP is EXCLUSIVE for those who haven’t taken it, meaning the Access 1 graduates only. The training will commence the day after our conference.

3. CONFERENCE MANUALS & T-SHIRTS – You will receive a conference pack with a conference manual containing the event program at the time of registration. There is also a T-Shirt included and a Tentmakers manual, Please don’t use the T-shirt right away. We would love to have all the participants wear it on the second time for our Group Photos.

4. IT T-SHIRTS – there are assorted IT shirts that will be made available at the conference. We have them in various colors and sizes. Please try to locate the Merchandize table on the 2nd floor area.

5. MEDICINES – should you feel ill and will need the standard medication for headaches, period pains, diarrhea, etc. …, please ask for medicines, at no cost, from any of our staff.

6. ALCOHOL will be widely available. We suggest that you regularly disinfect your hands. There are hand washing areas in the 2nd flr and we advise that you use it before every meal.

7. FACE MASK – part of the protocol is the continuous use of face masks during the event. Of course, its mask off at mealtime and bedtime. (You may still opt to wear mask while sleeping though. It’s your call. )

8. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS – each one will be given room assignments where the vaccinated are placed in the same room and the unvaccinated are joined together in a separate room.

9. MEALS – those who registered as STAY IN will receive CDC Prepared meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner (2 meals each for the duration of the conference) . The rest who opted for a STAY OUT arrangement will receive a separate set of meals bought outside – 2 lunch and dinner meals. We will all be dining on the 2nd floor area of the building. Snacks will be served at the conference area.

10. TAGAYTAY CITY TOUR – for the first timers in Tagaytay and those who want to take their R&R after the conference, here is a list of the most visited places in the city. There will be a lot of people at the conference who could assist you in identifying the best places to go to … all you need to do is ask. You may even want to join the others who have already set their plans to visit some of the places. The places listed are a short distance away from our conference venue. Here is a list of things to do and places to visit while in Tagaytay:

  • · View of Taal Volcano ( consider dining at well positioned restaurants/ coffee shops with a view or you may pay a small entrance fee to People’s Park, Sky Ranch and Picnic Grove and gain a stunning view of the volcano)

  • · Zipline (Sky Ranch and Tagaytay Picnic Grove both offer zipline experiences.)

Information on the tour options after the conference will be provided by our teams from Tagaytay at the conference site. Several groups have already made their own arrangements and those who would like to join them must talk to them directly. You may ask Kathy or Abby for the itineraries of the various groups.

So many things to do while you are in Tagaytay. You have served well, please give yourself the rest and recreation that you deserve. Enjoy!

The Global Tentmakers Conference was designed to energize, empower and equip missionaries in the aspect of tentmaking, to provide a special bonding time with fellow missionaries coming from various places in Asia, to introduce each one to new networks and new field connections, impart a fresh ministry mandate and a clearer sense of purpose, and most important of all … meet the LORD in the company of His chosen ones

Please pray for the success of our 1st GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE 2022.

Looking forward to our time together in Tagaytay,

Ptr. Gani Sison



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