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They've decided to live abroad but they needed an affirmation. It was given through a billboard!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


It all started with their first mission exposure trip in China. Brother Emmanuel Carson and his wife Sister Zeny, together with their Global Intercessor Leader Rossana Sadogio and other ITP missionaries experienced a very exciting 10 days of God’s faithfulness when they were in a different country. It wasn’t easy to be in an unfamiliar land where people speak a different language. From Guangzhou, they needed to go to Kunming City, located in southwest China, and they had to take the 26-hour train. Since they couldn’t speak Mandarin, they did actions and sign languages just so they could buy their tickets and find out the station they should get off at. They tried not to sleep so they wouldn't miss their stop. They were hoping that there would be at least one person who can speak English so they could ask for directions. They trusted the Lord and prayed as their journey continued.

The following day, as the train continued to run, one man came up to them who could speak English and helped them where to get off. “He was indeed sent by the Lord” Brother Emman stated. They didn’t miss their stop and found out the estimated time of their arrival. After they got off the train, they met one of the missionaries in Kunming who hosted them for 10 days. It was the most unforgettable 10 days of their lives. For that very reason, they made up their mind to pursue going on missions. “We were very excited to go and to trust God for bigger things!” Brother Emman was filled with enthusiasm in his heart. When they returned to the Philippines, they made a huge decision to leave their comfortable lives, business, stable jobs, and church ministries for long-term mission work. They were so excited to be a part of the great commission, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” They anticipated that God would give them a confirmation to be long-term missionaries. In 2010 November, Brother Emman and his wife were sent off by the ITP office and ITP Executive Director, Pastor Gani Sison to Thailand. They stayed for a week in one of the churches in Bangkok, Thailand. They were hosted by a Thai pastor. He also helped with their church’s children's ministry. When they were passing by along the highway, their eyes opened wide in surprise when they saw a billboard of sportswear with signage of their last name “Carson”! Brother Emman was thrilled to see it. “Wow! Is this a confirmation?! Are we going to stay here in Bangkok?” he asked the Lord. The following morning, he found an old number of his childhood friend whom he mentored in playing the guitar. His friend was surprised to hear from him and invited them to his place. Brother Emman and his wife traveled to Pattaya City for a few hours, and they found the meeting point by following his friend’s instructions. His friend is a musician and he’s been residing in Pattaya City for eight years. He booked them a room, treated them, and toured them around the city. They were so grateful to his friend, and they thanked God for all His favors upon them. They didn’t spend a single centavo during their visit. At that point, they knew in their hearts that this is the place where God wants them to serve long-term. His friend introduced them to other musicians which later helped them when they started their ministry in Pattaya. They moved to a bigger house with the other missionaries, and they started to have great fellowships and praised God through songs. From then on, they were blessed to join a group of Christian churches in Pattaya City. They get to be a part of the yearly music festival, Pattaya Praise, an evangelistic crusade. God has also placed in their hearts to cater to the needs of several missionaries who are preparing for their journey of faith and to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. They have helped missionaries who had no place to go or who were weary and needed time to get back on their feet. They have been doing their ministry of help for ten years now and God has blessed them so much because of their kind and generous heart. “God has promised us that even in our old age we will bear fruits (Psalms 92:14)” Brother Emman stated. “That’s why until now, even in our wildest dreams we never thought to stay in Pattaya city for 10 years.” God upholds them and sustains their journey of faith against all the odds in life. In early 2019, after all the great things they already have experienced; God blessed them more. They moved to a beautiful newly built house in an exclusive subdivision for free, inclusive of food, vehicle, and great amenities they can freely use. For more than two years, they have been full-time missionaries and had no jobs, but God provided for their needs during those years. They have been helping the two churches there in the music ministry, and despite not having any income, the provisions overflowed from other missionaries and men of peace sent by God. Words can’t express how grateful they are to God for everything He has done in their lives. “We are so thankful to God that He never leaves us nor forsakes us”, Brother Emman quoted. In addition, he is encouraging every missionary to go to the mission field even with little resources because he believes it will be more than enough to fulfill God’s call unto every missionary who hears and obeys God’s voice. All glory belongs to God! Proverbs 21:21 Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity, and honor.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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