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They cried out to Him because they didn't have any money then something happened to their ATM cards

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

When God Knows Your Bank Account

Being in a foreign country with no money can be terrifying and disheartening sometimes. Not having your family by your side who would rescue you in dire situations would seem you won’t make it but it’s not the case for one of our missionaries in China. Sister ‘MM’ was living in China just by herself and renting a studio-type apartment. She was daunted by the idea of not paying her rent. She was months behind her rent and was threatened by the landlord to be evicted or worse; to be sent to jail. As she cried out to the Lord and made her needs known to God, with tears on her face she heard a voice saying “Don’t cry, I have filled your ATM card”. She was so sure that it was God who spoke to her so she called the ITP office and made inquiries if there was any money sent to her bank account. The staff checked any transactions or deposits in Sister MM’s account but there was nothing. As she was confident that she directly heard from the Lord, she decided to go to the nearest ATM to check her account.

Surprisingly, there was money on her ATM card and she made a withdrawal. She was able to pay her rent and she rejoiced and praised the Lord greatly! God works in mysterious ways! Another wonderful story of God’s provision was experienced by our brother in Vietnam. Brother Archie and his family have been staying in Vietnam for years doing God’s work with their little ones. Brother Archie and his wife were blessed to have their newborn baby at that time, but accompanied by it was their fear of the possibility that they might not be able to provide for their baby’s health needs. Then one day what they feared the most happened, they didn’t have the money to buy milk and vitamins for their newborn child and it broke their heart that they couldn’t even provide for him those necessities. Feeling disheartened he thought to himself, “I can endure not eating for days but I don’t want my child to starve”. He and his wife were crying and it was truly one of the darkest moments of their lives but they decided to hold on to God’s promise that He always provides for His children especially those who serve Him. He got up and with his ATM card in his pocket , he checked if there was money in it. He walked up to an ATM and his eyes couldn’t believe what he saw, yes there was money in it! We didn’t know who it was from but Brother Archie knows it was from his Father in Heaven who heard his cry. Psalm 34:17 “The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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