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They had nothing at the beginning but God turned it around and supplied all their needs!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


IT missionaries in Japan, Pastors Gilbert, and Mary Jane Gatdula witnessed how the Lord directed their steps and how He provided for their needs as He called them to serve in Japan.

After their short-term trip to Japan, they went back to the Philippines with a guaranteed letter from the Japanese church. It is proof of their eligibility as missionaries to go to Japan. Japan has strict rules when it comes to religious groups. Missionaries are not supposed to do any secular jobs. They are solely focused on religious activities so the church should have the finances to support missionaries who are not Japanese.

The immigration office called the Japanese pastor of their receiving church. He was asked whether he can support them. To which he answered he couldn’t because they had to pay for the loan they took for the church building. However, the pastor added, “Our God will support them, and they are good people”. Having said that, the Japanese pastor thought that the couple wouldn’t be able to come to Japan. But we serve the God who can do miracles!

Miraculously, the Japanese Embassy granted them their missionary visas. For it is the Lord’s will for them to become missionaries in Japan. When they arrived in Japan, they had no house to live in and no ministry yet. The situation may seem bleak at the beginning. Pastor Mary Jane has two siblings in Japan, but God told the couple to put their trust in Him, so they did. They arrived on November 19, 2004, and applied for government housing. It usually takes a year to process because of the requirements that applicants should comply with. The couple only had their passports and their alien card to submit. But the Lord showed His favor upon them. It was only after 15 days that they were approved for government housing! Even for the down payment, God used someone to pay for it! On top of that, their necessities and furniture were given to them.

Let’s add a cherry on top, they also received a car! It was all but by the grace of God! Hallelujah! It was a whole package from God! For He is generous, and the floodgates of heaven and storehouses were poured openly to Pastors Gilbert and Mary Jane! God continues to be faithful in their lives as they live by faith in Japan.

In August 2009, God entrusted the couple with a ministry that they are leading until now. Before it happened, Pastor Mary Jane had a dream about it. She saw that Pastor Gilbert was speaking in a huge stadium with diverse people and someone was translating for him into Japanese and Spanish. And she was singing Amazing Grace for the worship service hence they named the church Amazing Grace Mission Church.

As the church grows, the couple continues to serve God’s people and are reaching out to the lost. They also became a part of the homeless ministry. It is headed by Takashima San, who is their partner in ministry from 2009 until the present time. They have been feeding the less fortunate not just bread but also the Word of God with the help of Takashima San as he interprets for them. Another great news is that Takashima San became a pastor whom Pastor Gilbert ordained recently.

Pastors Gilbert and Mary Jane praised the Lord for what He has done in their lives and for the ministry He entrusted to them. As they look back, they recalled having nothing as they started in the ministry, but the Lord provided everything, and He remains faithful to them as they continue their mission in Japan. To God be all the glory! Heaven and all the earth’s creation marvel in His awesomeness as He shows His love to His people and for the people He came for – the lost. Hallelujah to the God who saves!

Psalm 37:3 Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shall you dwell in the land, and truly you shall be fed.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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