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Their faith is bigger than what’s in their bank account. . . and that is more than enough!

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


There are times when you receive God’s word, but you don’t know when and how it would happen. Do you find yourself impatiently waiting and trying to make it happen on your own timeline? Or do you actively wait and do the things you are entrusted with? How we wait for something matters a lot. Our attitude towards a certain promise in the future could mold our character. Pastors Ruel and Divina Vitor, IT missionaries, have the right heart to wait patiently for God’s promise to happen. Therefore, God has blessed them and the people around them because of their obedience.

Pastor Divina Vitor had dreams and visions way back in 1995. In her dream, she saw that she was in a foreign land doing missions. She didn’t know which country it was back then so she asked her husband, Pastor Ruel. As she described it to him, Pastor Ruel told her that it was Canada. It took years before it could finally happen, but God always has the perfect timing in our lives. The fulfillment of her dream happened in 2019.

In the year 2019, IT Philippines announced that there would be a ‘Bless Canada’ mission trip. The couple decided to sign up as they got a confirmation from the Lord. Pastors Ruel and Divina went to Canada. As they went there for a short mission trip, doors of opportunities opened for them. They have relatives there who wanted them to stay and it sounded very promising. However, they decided to follow God’s instructions. It was clear that God wanted them to return to the Philippines. They were instructed by the Lord to plant two churches in Cebu and Bohol. Despite not having a lot of money, the churches were built through God’s provision. They have finished the task God gave them. God also surprised them by winning a house and lot through a raffle contest Pastor Divina participated in.

As they finished planting the two churches, God gave them a word. He told them that by October of 2020 they will go back to Canada. Then, they received news from one of the IT missionaries in Canada, Pastor Andy Busa telling them to get ready and process the documents they need. As they prepare for the things and documents they would need, they believe that God would provide for them financially. Going to Canada requires a lot of money – money that they don’t have. But their faith is bigger than what’s in their bank account and that is more than enough. Even as they process their documents people whom they don’t know personally gave them 40,000 pesos because the Lord told them to do so. It was a sudden surprise! It sealed their faith that God will do more and provide for the money they need.

They needed to raise 500,000 pesos and they believe that God will make a way or use some people to meet their needs. They are expectant of miracles from heaven and they believed in their hearts that it would happen any time soon. They are excited to continue the outreach ministry which was entrusted to them when they first came to Canada. With faith, Pastors Ruel and Divina will go to Canada supported not by men but by God!

Pastor Divina would like to encourage everyone to have firm faith and put God first over everything. “If the Lord wants you to go to other countries, you could. You just have to say Yes. No one could hinder our paths as long as Jesus is in the center of our hearts.” she added. Pastor Divina’s heart is solely focused on the Lord so that she could share the same love and compassion for others.

When you know Jesus Christ as your savior, there will be peace in your life. You’d be free from the anxiety of this world and would focus more on how to build His Kingdom. When you put God first in your life, everything around you would work for your own good. For He is good and gracious. He loves you and me and, certainly, He is always with His children whom He loves deeply. How fortunate are we to serve a very loving God!

1 John 4:7-8

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love."

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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