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She saw IT's Executive Director, Pastor Gani Sison in her dream before even meeting him in person.

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


“You are the chosen one. . . God chose you!” a tall man in black long sleeves and black pants, on top of his voice kept repeating these declarations as Sister Ynah was sitting at a church.’ Sister Karina Kaye Delos Reyes, also known as “Ynah” by most people, IT staff, and a missionary, recalled that vivid dream. She woke up from that dream panting as she felt frightened. “It felt like God is calling me to serve now but I have no idea how” Sis Ynah explained. Then one day, she asked her church pastor about the ministry she could participate in. Her pastor spoke full of certainty that she will be a missionary. “Me?. . As a missionary? … How?” Sis Ynah had a lot of questions in her mind and was skeptical about the idea. Hence, she prayed once more to God for an affirmation.

Then one day, her mom invited her to join the Access 1 Training in Tagaytay City. She was working at that time, and she knew that it might be hard to ask for a leave of absence for two days on short notice. But nothing is too difficult for the Lord. Surprisingly, her boss allowed her. She was so happy and was on her way to the venue of the training. However, she and her mom got lost so she felt like not going anymore. They called the coordinator of the training program, and she was very considerate and accommodating so they managed to arrive at the venue.

When Sis Ynah saw Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, she thought he was the man who appeared in her dream, but he was wearing different clothes on the first day of training. He was wearing white long sleeves with a red necktie on that day. On the second day of training, Sister Ynah’s dream happened. Pastor Gani was wearing long black sleeves and black pants yelling “You are the chosen one. . . God chose you!” She was fired up and became so sure that God had called her to be a missionary. She was determined to attend the Access 2 Training, but she told no one at first.

Her first choice for the exposure trip was Cambodia but the fare was too expensive, so she signed up for Malaysia and she also felt that God was directing her to go to Malaysia. Two days before her flight, she asked her boss for a leave of absence for 10 days. She didn’t expect they would allow her so easily. Though she knew in her heart that God is leading her to the right path.

On the day of her flight to Malaysia, her Father in Heaven was with her so despite being interrogated by the immigration officer she made it through. Everyone was worried she might be offloaded because she looks so young, and it was her first time going abroad. But Sis Ynah was so convinced that God had called her to go to Malaysia. Her faith was never in vain. She was praising and thanking the Lord while seated on the plane bound for Malaysia.

When she arrived at the mission house in Malaysia, she felt out of place because most of the trainees there have ministries and gifts that can be used in building God’s Kingdom. She regrets the fact that she started late in her walk of faith and that she hasn’t discovered any gifting. On their third day in Malaysia, they went to a prayer mountain. It was spectacular and so high that she felt like she was drawn closer to God.

In the afternoon, one task was given to them by their team leader. They were told to meet God in that place. Sis Ynah had no idea what to do and she felt terrified because she didn’t know how to ‘call’ God. She was very much intimidated by the other missionaries because she thought she was inadequate and not worthy of God’s attention. She didn’t know how to start so she poured out her frustration and doubts. She was frustrated that she had no gifting that can be used for God’s ministry. She had doubts about what she was going to do and what her future would be like. She raised her hands as a sign of surrender to God and cried her heart out. “I know I am not worthy and I’m a sinner, but you still chose me” tears were flowing as she spoke from the heart. Her eyes were closed but then there was a very bright light as she looked down. She saw someone’s feet with holes in them. She slowly looked up at him, but it was very bright. She still couldn’t stop crying, then he slowly reached His hands to her and wiped her tears and called her “Ynah” which surprised her. Only her family members knew that name because she went by the name “Kaye”. He came closer to her, and she heard Him say “I love you so much, my child”. Those words were like sweet music in her ears. His pierced hands wiped Sis Ynah’s tears and she felt His hug like a cool breeze, it was very comforting. What she experienced was beyond words that she thought she had died because of her close encounter with God.

The next day, she shared what she underwent and couldn’t stop crying as she relived what happened. They prayed for her, and she felt the joy to move forward with God’s calling in her life. After that day, they went out to share the gospel, but they had to do it discreetly because Christians are being persecuted in certain places in Malaysia. She and the other two missionaries went to a market and shared the Word of God and made someone believe and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. She actually dreamt about it before she went to Malaysia. She praised God for always giving her hope and affirmation that she was really chosen by Him to do His work regardless of what she thinks of herself. After her exposure trip, her heart was filled with joy, and she no longer felt ashamed because of the things God showed her in Malaysia.

Sister Ynah continues to serve the Lord with all her heart as one of the IT staff and a missionary traveling to other countries, sharing the Gospel and believing that she is worthy of God’s love. “From nothing, I became something, and it is all for God’s glory and the advancement of His Kingdom” Sister Ynah declared. The highest Glory, Honor, and Praise belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ!

The world will never comprehend; even you will never comprehend the great love that God has for you. That is why we must look to Him. You are not in the world for nothing. Your life is not meaningless. Before creation, God created you for Himself. How amazing it is to know that He longs for us and loves us so much!

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, to proclaim the virtues of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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