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She saw in her dream that God has called her to be a missionary in Saudi Arabia.

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

“I HAD A DREAM” (Part 1)

In 2007, Pastor J had a dream which led to her calling as a missionary. In her dream, she has a mission to do in Saudi Arabia. She remembered vividly in her dream that she was on top of the mountain, where there were no trees and just infinite rocky mountains. She also saw a gushing of water from the rocks, and she wasn’t satisfied to see just one, so she kept opening the other rocks and there was gushing of water. She woke up from her dream and it felt so real. She was stunned and realized that God had called her to go. However, deep in her heart, she didn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia for she knew that it won’t be easy for Christians to be there. Despite her fear, Pastor J obeyed the Lord. She got confirmation from God, and everything was prepared by God in advance. She got a job as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. She continued to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as she embarked on this new journey. On her arrival in Saudi Arabia, the moment her plane descended at the airport apron, she saw the mountains that were in her dream. She couldn’t believe that it was exactly the same as what she had dreamt about. As she stepped into Saudi Arabia, she felt scared because she knew that if people found out about her faith she might be in danger. She even signed a contract in her employment not to share her faith. Nevertheless, the God who sent her to Saudi Arabia is greater than her fear. It was only after three days when she arrived there, and she got in contact with an acquaintance who invited her to attend a fellowship. She could have been caught for not having a national ID, but God was with her, and she safely arrived in the city where the fellowship was held. After the fellowship, she received a revelation from God about her mission. She was to start church planting in the areas God would lead her to. It was when bible studies were non-stop, “they pop like mushrooms inviting me to lead the Bible study” stated Pastor J. She was even invited to do a Bible study in the hospital where she works. The Holy Spirit was at work, and it was so amazing that souls have been saved when the people there accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts. The Lord spoke to her to start a church near the hospital she was working in, so she asked for a sign first. She wanted to be sure every step of the way “Lord, please give me a sign that you have called me into starting this powerful movement” she prayed. Later on, Pastor J was introduced to an Arab couple, and she felt in her heart that God led her to the Arab couple. She started sharing the Gospel with them. It was very difficult at first because the couple did not know the Bible at all. But with the help of the Holy Spirit, Pastor J continued teaching them and the couple’s eyes started to see the truth. The couple learned that Jesus is not a prophet but the God Almighty and He is also Christ the Savior. That truth touched their hearts and they accepted Him as their Savior. They couldn’t stop crying when they found out how much Jesus loves them while Pastor J was praying for them. The couple became Pastor J’s partners in ministry. They were the signs that made her pursue church planting! God answered her prayer by bringing people who would help her in doing God’s work. As the Bible studies thrive, God gave healing to the Arabs and their lives were transformed through Pastor J’s ministry. They experienced the power of the Holy Spirit, and He was moving mightily. Her dream came true. The gushing water in her dream was the Holy Spirit moving in different places. As Pastor J and the Arab couple’s ministry prosper, they were presented with a challenge that would surely test their faith. Pastor J encountered something extraordinary that made her faith grow deeper. For she knows that God is our way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and Light in the darkness; that He is always working in our midst. She didn’t lose hope and believed in the Almighty God! There’s still more to this story. Something that no one could foresee how things would turn out. It’s beyond words but very inspiring, especially to those who have the heart for missions.

(**First of a Two-Part Story) Amos 3:7 Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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