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Money was sent to their bank account by an "unknown depositor" for years. . .


Pastor Serge Amigo and his wife had been serving in one of the mega-churches in the Philippines for a long time. However, he and his wife felt like it wasn’t enough. When they attended the Access Training in International Teams Philippines, a mission-sending organization, followed by a condensed world mission course, their life was never the same again. They knew in their hearts that they have to do something greater for the glory of God. They were seeking something more meaningful and to be more involved in the work of God. As they sought the Lord, they received their calling to go on missions. Therefore, they decided to take a step of faith into the unknown even though not everyone was supportive of their decision. But they believed that the Lord had called them, so they decided to walk by faith and not by sight.

In 2006, Pastor Serge went on a short-term exposure trip to Thailand and China. After his short mission trip, he returned to the Philippines and shared the news with his wife that God placed Thailand in his heart as the place they would serve. Therefore, they prayed on it and asked God to guide them in this journey of faith.

Then in 2008, they were ready to go on a long-term mission as a family in Thailand. They sold all their possessions so they would have some money for their expenses in Thailand. However, their money was not enough to sustain them for a long time. But that’s when they saw the miracles of God.

One of the places they were serving is an orphanage for mentally incapacitated and physically disabled boys. They would just walk from the block to the orphanage which is two kilometers away since they didn’t have enough money. While walking back home, his daughter said, “Daddy, I’m hungry”. Pastor Serge turned to his wife and maintained a calm expression on his face. He didn’t want to show his sadness to his daughter when he heard that she was hungry and that they didn’t have enough money. It breaks his heart, and he was terribly sad because of their situation. “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you food when we reach a convenience store” Pastor Serge said to reassure his daughter that everything was okay. Then as they reached the convenience store, he withdrew 500 Baht from a nearby ATM. He was aware that he didn’t have enough money in his account but only the maintaining balance. With the money he withdrew, Pastor Serge was able to buy food for his hungry daughter. On their way back, he decided to go to a nearby computer shop to check his account through online banking since he used the money to maintain a balance. When he checked his account, he was surprised to see that someone had deposited 2,500 pesos into his account! He was so thankful and praised the Lord greatly for not letting him down when he needed to buy food for his daughter. What an amazing God we serve!

Pastor Serge initially thought that the money was from one of the people who pledged to send support to them before they left the Philippines. So, he had been checking his email whether someone would inform him that they have sent him some financial support, but no one has sent an email regarding this matter. He and his family had been wondering who the ‘unknown depositor’ was. They couldn’t tell who or where the money came from. Whenever Pastor Serge visits the Philippines to preach or to share his testimony, he would thank the church or the crowd he was in for the support he and his family had received but no one comes up to him to acknowledge that they sent the money to him regularly.

For three years, they have received the money and were able to pay rent and buy the things they needed. They believed that the unknown depositor is God, and He is using someone to send that money to them. God sustained them since the money they brought to Thailand was not enough. Also, the money was sent in advance, so they were never delayed in their payment for the rent monthly!

After three years, the "unknown depositor" was gone. But God never stopped providing for them. This time, the Thai members of Pakkret Church who are English speakers were giving them small envelopes almost every Sunday. As they handed it to Pastor Serge they uttered, “Someone gave you this!" As he asked, "Who's that someone?" the person would immediately reply "I don't know!". Pastor Serge was very much surprised to see 3,000 Baht inside the envelope! Even though they were just members of this local church, they received tremendous blessings. Pastor Serge and his family are so grateful that the Lord knows their needs before they even ask. Indeed, God never stops doing good things for them!

Truly, the Lord is amazing in providing for His children! There’s none like Him who deeply cares and loves His children! His faithfulness overflows and anyone who humbly comes to His feet is blessed.

The story doesn’t end here, more of God’s amazing miracles will be revealed as you continue to read Pastor Serge’s story.

Habakkuk 1:5

“Look at the nations and watch — and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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