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It took her years before she could go on missions but it was worth the wait!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


The call of God for her as a missionary started when she was in high school. Sister Recca Gaya heard God’s calling for her to go on missions when she joined the summer camp back then. It left a great impression in her heart that she is going on missions. For that reason, she wanted to attend a Bible School after she graduated from high school. However, her family opposed that idea so she took a different course that could guarantee a stable job once she graduates. While she was studying, she would daydream “Lord, where are you going to send me when the right time comes?” The desire in her heart was still there while she fulfilled her duties and responsibilities for her family. Soon after she graduated, she got a job and supported her family. She worked in a public office for years but somehow, she’s still picturing the day when she could finally go on missions and serve the Lord. It was the summer of the year 2005 when she resigned, and she started working as an ESL teacher and that’s when she first attended the IT fellowship. The school where she was teaching was near the IT office and she found out that it is an organization that sends missionaries to other countries. She felt great encouragement that God led her to IT Philippines, but it was not the right time yet for her to go. She got a new job as a school principal and then did another teaching job after that. She could feel that God was leading her to the educational system. It was like God was training and preparing her for something related to teaching even though she is a graduate of BS in Political Science. Two years had passed but her heart was still relentless . . . then finally the time she was waiting for came!

In 2014, she resigned from her job, and she was ready to go. Her family finally gave her their blessing that she can go on missions. She had peace and felt secure. After nine years of waiting, she was about to encounter a new season in her life which was way more than what she expected. She got more inspired during her mission training as she heard testimonies from other missionaries about their journey of faith. After her Access 1 Training, she was scheduled to go on a mission exposure in Cambodia. She had to book her ticket and should raise some money to be used for her trip. But then again, she resigned from her job, so she had no means of earning money. Because of Sister Recca’s faith and obedience to God, the people around her started to give her monetary gifts willingly. She never asked but to her surprise, even the people she least expected were used by God to bless her.

How amazing God is He in providing for His faithful servants! God can use anything and anyone just to make sure His will in Sister Recca’s life will come to pass.

Sister Recca became more encouraged to move forward and she fully depended on God as she went to Cambodia. She signed up as one of the volunteers at Emmanuel International School but she was astonished to receive an allowance as one of the teachers there. She never thought she would get paid because she went as a volunteer, but God blessed her during those times when she had nothing. After she finished volunteering, she had no place to go. Then, she met a couple who took her in, and she lived with them for another month. After a month, the couple had to move to another city, but they got her an apartment to live in. She didn’t have to pay for the rent and the utility bill. It was one blessing after the other!

She was so overwhelmed by the things God did for her. When she didn’t have money to buy food, there were birthday parties here and there and she got invited of course. There were always events with lots of food so she wouldn’t starve.

It was truly remarkable how God orchestrated everything. When she’s lacking something, her needs would be met by God immediately. So, she just focused on doing God's work, which is teaching in villages. She taught English to children who never got the chance to learn because of poverty. Sometimes, they had to study under the tree because of the lack of classrooms. But it was a great joy serving the Cambodians despite the teaching environment. She could feel that God filled her heart with joy and love for the locals, therefore she praises the Lord greatly!

Her supposedly two weeks mission exposure trip turned into six months. It was so God could show the amazing things He can do for her because of her obedience to Him. She also got the chance to travel to Thailand several times during those six months. It was a truly extraordinary experience for her because she was unemployed in Cambodia, yet she never experienced hunger. On top of that, she had a nice place to stay and never lacked anything. God is indeed awesome in providing for His children!

Blessed are those who put their trust in the Lord for they will never be left alone. Words can’t describe how amazing God is in keeping His promises to His children. God is marvelous!

Furthermore, because of Sister Recca’s first-hand experience with God, she decided to sign up for another mission trip when she finished her mission in Cambodia. Her next journey was to India with nothing but faith in her Father in Heaven who showed countless miracles when she was in Cambodia.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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