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If they didn’t go, they could’ve missed God’s blessing!


As Pastor Boying and Sister Naty Mabilangan continue to serve in Malaysia as missionaries, they saw how amazing God is in providing for their needs. The couple went to Malaysia with very limited financial resources. But God blessed them with good friends.

By the abundant grace of God, they were able to get their visa and there was some money left. The couple planned to reach out to a Filipino church by teaching English and computer lessons for free in the town. With the remaining money from the visa support, Pastor Boying was able to buy some wood to build tables and chairs for the school and a brand-new bicycle for transportation.

Pastor Boying was about to go to the town on his first day of teaching there. He got on his bike when his daughter, Anna, loudly said “Dad, buy me some biscuits on your way home.” Young Anna had no idea that Pastor Boying didn’t have any money on him. But to assure her that he's going to bring some biscuits home, he replied, “Okay, dear. Pray about it.” Pastor Boying went to the town and taught four students. By the time he finished teaching, he received a phone call from a friend. His friend told him to drop by his house because he has something to give him. When Pastor Boying arrived, his friend gave him a bag of groceries, a blanket, a mosquito net, and money. He was flabbergasted because he didn’t expect it. His heart exalted God with praises and thanksgiving for blessing him with a generous and kind friend. He also thanked his friend for the blessings he could bring home to his family. As he went home, their neighbors were astounded to see him carry a lot of stuff. Pastor Boying shared the good news with his wife and said optimistically “I believe God will send additional workers since we now have a blanket and a mosquito net.” Little Anna also received some treats. The family had a wonderful evening as they thanked the Lord for the blessings they had just received.

The couple continues to serve in Malaysia and their students have increased in number. Their children are also growing up so fast. Pastor Boying and Sis Naty were praying about where to enroll their first child, Anna. As they present their earnest desire to God, He amazingly orchestrated everything for Anna’s education. At that time, they were also about to go back to the Philippines, when the man of peace drove them to the airport and handed them some money for their daughter’s education. It was the first confirmation they got that God will provide for Anna’s schooling. Pastor Boying and Sis Naty plan to enroll Anna in the School of Tomorrow.

As they arrived in the Philippines, a mission conference was held in Palawan. The couple didn’t want to go initially but something was urging them to go so they did. During the conference, they met someone and asked about their situation and especially their children’s education. Pastor Boying said that what they have isn’t enough yet to sustain their children’s education. Then the man replied, “I’ll take care of your kid’s tuition fee.” Pastor Boying and Sis Naty were so happy and praised God greatly! If they didn’t go, they could’ve missed God’s blessing there! Therefore, they thanked God for leading them and for providing for their needs, and for the education of their child. Before they returned to the mission field, they were able to enroll Anna in the School of Tomorrow. How amazing God is! The couple didn’t have to worry about their daughter’s education anymore.

It was just a few of the many miracles Pastor Boying and Sis Naty have experienced as they follow God’s calling. “Fear stops you from doing anything, but it shouldn’t be. Even though you’re scared, believe, and take that step of faith and God would definitely move the heavens and the earth to meet your needs. He will tap heaven’s resources and He will use men and women of peace to bless you” Pastor Boying added. The more you believe and trust God, the more limitless your possibilities become for your family, your career - for your life!

You’ve got nothing to lose when you trust Him especially when He has called you, for He will surely deliver you from anything.

Psalm 52:9

For what You have done I will always praise You in the presence of Your faithful people. And I will hope in Your Name, for Your Name is good.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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