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Pt. Junie's son got terribly sick, he didn't know what to do. God intervened & delivered him through

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Pastor Junie Antinero is one of IT’s missionaries whom God is using mightily. He grew up in a less fortunate family in Dumaguete, but little did he know that God will use his humble heart to bless the less fortunate people.

In 1990, he ventured into the capital city, Manila, and built a life on his own. After two years, he found his new faith in Jesus Christ and started serving in the youth ministry along with his closest friends. He started attending a church where Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, was also the lead pastor. As he grew deeper in his relationship with God, he became more passionate about doing the youth ministry. He became a full-time worker with his other closest friends in the said church. He also met a wonderful woman who became his wife, Dr. Aura R. Antinero, in March 1998. They were blessed with three children: Aaron James, Elisha John, and Jabez.

In February of 2009, their youngest son was diagnosed with “Kawasaki Disease”. This is a rare condition that affects many organs of the body, the blood vessel walls, and mostly affects the heart. Hospitalization and extensive treatment were required to cure this disease and to save the life of their child. They were able to avail of a semi-private room in a government hospital which they shared with five other patients. They needed to raise more than a hundred thousand pesos to avail of the IVIG Vials. Each vial costs 8,500 pesos and they needed 15 Vials within 12 hours, but they did not have that huge amount to purchase all the vials. Since they did not have 127,500 pesos which is the total amount of the vials, the doctor told them to go out and buy it first then come back with those vials.

They went out and they were losing hope because of the situation they were in. But they should at least fill their stomachs, so they decided to have a cup of coffee and doughnuts for a snack. Upon entering the café, they noticed the signage saying: “MAY THE GOOD LORD SHOWER ALL HIS BLESSINGS UNTO YOU.” Those words have assured them; how God will help them in their situation.

They returned to the semi-private room in a government hospital which they shared with five other patients. God then did His part! He miraculously provided for all their needs and all the money they needed for their son’s treatment was given. Indeed, the signage was an assurance and a promise that God fulfilled. Pastor Junie and his wife were able to share their experiences on how their son was fighting the rare disease and how hopeful they were with his recuperation with the love and financial support from family, friends, and their local church. With that hope and faith in God, their son was cured.

Yes! Indeed, GOD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL to their lives! Yet again the couple’s faith was put to a test.

On the 11th of September 2009, their son was stricken with another life-threatening disease – “Dengue Fever” and was again rushed to the hospital. They were able to reserve a semi-private room, but the doctor’s advice was that his son must be transferred to a charity ward where they had to share with ten other patients for them to be more taken care of. This was another opportunity for the couple to share their prior challenge just seven months earlier and they remained hopeful and had an unwavering assurance that their son would recover.

Remarkably, their faith was honored by God and their son was healed. He became well and was able to return to his responsibilities as a son, a diligent student, and a brother. During the five days of admission to the charity ward, the couple came to realize that these less fortunate families had no means to give their loved ones proper medical attention. Even in cases where there is great anticipation they have just dwindled. But the Lord spoke to Pastor Junie through a verse in John 21:15-17, which says “Feed My Lambs, Take Care of My Sheep and Feed My Sheep.” This devastating realization became a burden to Pastor Junie and his wife, that something must be done, that there is hope even in situations where it may seem hopeless.

They had a desire to help the less fortunate by whatever means possible, out of the love they have for others. The Seed of Love Ministry was founded. “We made our steps of faith to help the sick and less fortunate children and their families by giving 45 bags of groceries last December 19, 2009, in Philippine General Hospital Pediatric Charity Wards,” stated Pastor Junie.

As they minister to them, they saw the needs of the less fortunate families of kids stricken with cancer that came from far provinces and had no choice but to sleep and live beside the government hospital for many days, weeks, and even months waiting for their treatment. They felt a huge burden to help them. And they know that only by faith would something materialize from that desire to help those families in need.

There was no doubt that things would turn out well for them because God loves all His children and would always use someone who can sympathize with the people in the same situation who are suffering because of illnesses. The story does not end here. God is about to do something far greater than what you can imagine through the lives of Pastor Junie and his wife. Life is unpredictable but God guides. Life is unfair but God cares. Life is always a challenge, but God sustains it.

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

(Story continues … Part 2)

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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