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He was denied to go to the UK because God's will for him is to go to Sweden!


After Brother Shane Ornedo’s short-term trips to Asian countries, God has a plan to bring him to Europe. As we know, God is a God of promotion and if we align ourselves in His will, tremendous blessings await us. So, ask the Lord’s will in your life and I’m sure you will be surprised by what He has planned for you, for we know that He is the God who exceeds our imagination and there are no bounds in His greatness when it comes to blessing His obedient children. He finds favor when we seek His will above anything else.

Brother Shane was glad to hear when the door of opportunity to go to the United Kingdom was opened. Through International Teams Philippines, churches in the United Kingdom and some missionaries who were already there were requesting some long-term missionaries to serve there. It was the year 2017 when Brother Shane applied for a visa in going to the United Kingdom, unfortunately, his visa was denied the first time he tried. It saddened him to receive the bad news and cried unto the Lord. However, Brother Shane believed and trusted God that He has better plans for him.

On his second try, as he applied to get a visa to go to Europe, he was granted a Schengen visa! He received an invitation to go to Sweden to help in the churches there and he saw how God guided his path. It was amazing how the Lord provided for his needs and the wisdom He gave him as he prepared for his trip to Sweden. When he arrived in Sweden, he actively participated in helping the churches and establishing Bible Study groups. He became a catalyst of change and brought blessings to other people as he served them. Later on, he got a job there and became a tentmaker. He continuously did his mission and work. He was able to expand his circle of influence to people. On top of that, he was blessed to be closer to his family who is in Sweden. It was indeed a tremendous outpouring of blessings in the life of Brother Shane as he followed God’s will in his life.

After some time, he returned to the Philippines to take a vacation, however, due to the pandemic he wasn’t able to return to Sweden. But Brother Shane believes that in God’s perfect timing he would return to Sweden. At the moment, God has blessed him with a job here in the Philippines and with the blessings he receives from God, he extends it to others. We all can see how amazing God is and His love for us overflows!

“Amazing” doesn’t even come close to describing God. There’s not a word in the human lexicon that expresses the magnitude of God’s nature and being. He’s beyond our ability to adequately describe. We are limited to words like awesome, unbelievable, astonishing, bewildering, wondrous, marvelous, magnificent, and amazing. But they all fall short of summing up the essence of who God is. So, let’s lift our praises to Him for there is none like Him! Hallelujah!

Psalm 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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