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He sold his kids' educational plan and got a lifetime insurance from God!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022


It’s a real test of faith when missionaries are called to go to the mission field. It’s already challenging to be in a different country all by yourself but it’s much more difficult to bring your family with you. Especially being the head of the family, you would be responsible not just for yourself but for your spouse and children’s welfare. But God has promised to take care of our family as long as we obey His will in our lives. This is the continuation of Pastor Niel Romero’s story.

After their successful short-term mission trip in Thailand, they decided to go on a long-term mission. He and his wife came back to the Philippines with their hearts full of excitement as missionaries. However, as parents, they were worried about how to convince their children to move to a new country. They had two children who were graduating from elementary school at that time. They knew it would be difficult to ask their kids to move to a new place, adjust to a new environment, and leave their friends behind. They didn’t want to just impose it, but they would like their kids to want the idea of going to Thailand.

They have been contemplating how to break the news to their children. Pastor Niel and his wife prayed and asked God’s help “Lord please talk to the kids; we don’t want them to feel like they had no choice”. After their heartfelt prayer, Pastor Niel and his wife had a serious conversation with their children. They explained everything to them that God has called them to go to Thailand and that they have to leave everything behind. To their surprise, their children were excited to go!

They praised God for moving the hearts of their children, but another problem was presented to them. They had to consider the education of their kids when they moved to Thailand. International Schools would be too expensive, and they had no source of income. As they prayed to God again, He heard their prayers and gave them an answer. A homeschool was suggested to them; a School of Tomorrow is a primary and secondary academic program that Pastor Niel’s kids can take while they’re in Thailand. Not only did God answer their prayer, but they received another blessing, as missionaries they were given a discount as they enroll their kids in the School of Tomorrow’s program. But they couldn’t teach their kids the subjects because if they do then they won’t have the time to do their ministry. So, they prayed again, and God sent people to be the teachers of their children.

Two single ladies joined the International Teams Philippines, a mission-sending organization that Pastor Niel is a part of. The two ladies wanted to go to Thailand so Pastor Gani Sison, ITP Executive Director, introduced them to Pastor Niel. He was so glad that the team was formed even before they left the Philippines. Pastor Niel estimated the money they needed for the airfare and expenses there. While Pastor Niel was praying, God spoke to him “You have made some investment, right? Sell it”. It dawned on Pastor Niel the educational plan he got for his kids before that he has paid for several years already. He was hesitant to sell the educational plan for it is his kid’s future, but God affirmed in his heart that He will take care of His family.

He sold the plan and got a huge sum of money. He was able to sell it for 100,000 pesos and got 90,000 pesos after settling some payments regarding the process of selling it. He estimated a budget of 30,000 pesos per month for the rent and expenses they might need in Thailand. They raised the money for their airfare, and it was provided according to their needs. Everything was settled and they were ready to go. They all flew to Thailand excitedly and they were so grateful for how God made it happen. They rented a room to stay and during their first month, they had no problems because they still had some funds left. Though the biggest challenge would be after their third month. How would they live off with just the 90,000 pesos they brought?

But that’s when they saw God’s goodness in providing for all their needs because their 3-month budget lasted for three years during their stay in Thailand. It was amazing how God used men and women of peace to bless them and help them with their financial needs. They didn’t have work because they were focused on their ministry in Thailand but because they sought God first, all the things they needed were provided for. There was even a time when Pastor Niel went to Hungary for a conference. Even now, he couldn’t explain how it was made possible because when it comes to the financial aspect, they had no source of income, but they knew in their hearts they just needed to rely on God.

Their story is a great encouragement, especially to missionary families who are also called to go to the mission field. It may be difficult, but our confidence and hope are found in God. It was astonishing how God moved the hearts of his wife and children to be on board with God's work in a foreign country; and because of their obedience and sacrifice, God honored their faith and answered their prayers. Let’s give praise to the Lord and proclaim His name! Let’s make it known to the nations what He has done! Hallelujah to the Most High!

Joshua 24:15

“And if it seems evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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