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A thousand rejections was no match to the experience of seeing two souls saved. . .

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Pastor James Capuno is one of the IT missionaries and has already been to different countries, especially in Asia. He decided to follow God’s calling for him as a missionary and God showed Him that his life would never be the same again, and true enough, he experienced the extraordinary. This time, God is calling him to go to Europe so he could do his mission and experience more amazing things than he already had. he already had Pastor James signed up for the ‘Bless Europe and Bless UK’ events of International Teams Philippines, a mission organization sending Filipinos to other countries. Bless Europe starts with a conference in Stuttgart, Germany and after the conference, the missionaries can go to other European countries where God called them to go. A large number of IT missionaries got their Schengen visas and took part in the conference in Germany. Those who signed up for the Bless UK program, including Pastor James got their visa applications approved also. They praised God for the approval of their visas and started their preparation for going to the United Kingdom. They booked their tickets a few days before the conference so they would have ample time. They packed their bags and were so excited to go to Europe. The day they all have been waiting for came. They departed the Philippines by faith despite not having enough money. Pastor James joined the conference in Germany and visited other European countries before meeting up with his Bless UK team. All of them started their UK missions within a few days in London. There they savored the unbelievable blessings that they have received from the Lord. They eventually proceeded to their assigned ministry locations in Wales. When they arrived in Wales, they went to Newport City first and a pastor hosted them while they were there. Pastor Eric, their host, told them to go around the place and observe what was going on in Newport City. So, they all went out and explored the city. Being new to the place, they felt excitement, but they also felt a burden in their hearts. During dinner, Pastor Eric asked them what spirit they could sense as they scouted the place. All five of them gave the same answer. They could sense the spirit of witchcraft and depression in the city. They prayed for the place because there was such a stronghold of demonic and suicidal spirits. They also heard about the history of Wales. They found out that in 1904 there was a great revival there that spread throughout all of Europe but as the city prospered the hearts of the people turned away from God. The team felt the burden that they needed to do something there to ignite the passion of the people towards God. Even though Newport is a prosperous city, people are suffering because they don’t have Jesus in their lives. After a few days, they were divided into two groups and Pastor James was joined by Sisters Jen and Donna. They were scheduled to go to Cardiff while the others stayed in Newport City. They were sent to a university and food bank to minister and serve the people there. As Pastor James volunteered at the food bank, he started sharing his faith and he met different kinds of people; some were Christians, and some were not. He met one Christian who hated God for the death of his mom, and he was blaming God that his life became miserable because of what happened. His heart was hardened by the tragedy, so Pastor James just prayed for him. On the other hand, there was another Christian who had the same hardship, his mom passed away, but he didn’t resent God for what happened. He was thankful that he met Pastor James and it was a great encouragement for him. “It was the same situation but different reactions. You can see that your perspective in life is very important” Pastor James commented. He was so glad to serve at the food bank because he also learned things from the people whom he interacted with, and he was able to encourage the people there. Pastor James and the others also visited the retirement homes for the elderly in Cardiff. They would have fellowship with them every Thursday. They would minister, sing songs, and just spend quality time with the elderly. Because of their kind gestures to the elderly in the retirement homes, the Anglican church there invited them to their fellowship. Pastor James, Sis Jen, and Sis Donna were overwhelmed by the warm welcome they received from the people there. During their second week in the United Kingdom, they went back to Newport City so the five of them could meet and go all together to St. Ives, Cornwall to attend the International Conference for Christians. As they attended the conference, Pastor James had the honor to speak in front of many people and he shared his testimony when he was in Thailand. They were so blessed at the conference, and they learned a lot. Also, their prophetic giftings were unlocked. It helped them discern the spirit the person has and what to pray for them. They also had another task during the conference and that is to partner up with others and to go out and share the Gospel. Pastor James was partnered with a German Pastor and they both went on the streets to share the gospel, but many rejected them. They approached someone by the beach, but she was indifferent about the Gospel and said “I don’t need your God because I have everything I needed”. It’s a sad truth that as the treasures of people increase, they tend to forget God. But that didn’t stop Pastor James and the German Pastor to do the given task. They decided to split up so they could cover more ground. Pastor James saw a teenage boy and struck up a conversation “I don’t know you, but I can tell you are into football, and you are into pop music”. Pastor James was able to use the prophetic gift that was unlocked during the conference and the boy was amazed as to how Pastor James found out. Because of that, Pastor James was able to minister to the boy effectively. The boy decided right there and then to accept Jesus as his savior. Coincidentally, the German Pastor met the dad of the boy and the dad also accepted Jesus. The father and the son were both happy to have found Jesus in their lives. Thanks to Pastor James and the German Pastor who didn’t give up on sharing the Gospel.

Pastor James and the German Pastor were so happy that they were able to share salvation with the boy and his father. Despite the rejections they had, the two souls that were saved on that day were all worth it. Everything that has happened to Pastor James taught him a lot about God's heart. God aches for those who are lost and suffering. God sent His son Jesus to rescue His people and as we become His children, we have received the privilege to be a part of this rescue mission! Therefore, don't be just a mere observer of what God is doing in the world, be an active participant! Because our God is awesome, and He will do amazing things through you as long as you're willing.

Father God, we thank you for reconciling us through Jesus Christ, and we praise you for choosing to make redeemed sinners like us your gospel ambassadors to this broken world. To God be the glory! Proverbs 11:28 Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf.

(To be continued …)

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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