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God's overflowing favor! Canadian authorities bent their regulations to allow them to enter Canada.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


How would your life look if you were surrounded, all day and every day, by God’s favor? How different would things be if doors opened for you, and you walked through each one covered with God’s favor? Would your actions and attitudes in every situation be any different if you knew beyond any doubt that success lies ahead because you are one of God’s favorites? Would you find the courage to lay down your anxieties and fears? Of course, you would! The truth is God’s favor will change your life! Sister Leriz Tancio Principio, one of the IT missionaries who are now in Canada, continues her story of faith. Due to the pandemic, she and her family’s faith were put to test when their first supposed flight to Canada got canceled. However, Sister Leriz held on to God’s promise in her life and she witnessed how God moved things for their own good. Finally, their tickets were purchased and there was no cancellation as their departure date was approaching. The day they have been waiting for has come, June 14, 2020. They made their way to the airport. At the airport, they were falling in line to check in at the counter. But then they were stopped and asked by the airline customer service agent, “Why are you going to Canada?” Due to the pandemic, if the airlines let the passengers go to Canada with no valid reason and supporting documents, the airlines would be fined by the Canadian government. Sister Leriz was nervous and uttered, “Lord, we are here already, what should I say to the agent?” The Lord answered, “Say it’s for humanitarian”, so Sis Leriz did. Surprisingly, the agent let them pass. As they reached the immigration office, the officer told Sis Leriz and her family that their visa is not recognized by the Philippine immigration office, and they were advised to go to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) office for further approval. As they went to the POEA office, their documents were approved, and they didn’t need to give any additional documents. It was another hurdle they have passed, all thanks to God’s favor. They have successfully made it through and left the Philippines. As the plane soared high, making its way to Canada which took more than fourteen hours, Sis Leriz and her family were anticipating once more of God's favor as they reached their destination. When they arrived at the airport, the first immigration officer was kind but the second one who questioned their arrival was extremely strict. The second immigration officer spoke, “You’re not yet essential, why are you here?” Sis Leriz didn’t know what to say. She spoke to the Lord in her heart, “Lord, you already let us arrive here, please help us all the way through”. The immigration officer spoke again, “If I let you all in, that would be cheating, but wait first and give me all your documents.” Sis Leriz and her family waited for four hours. It felt like years while they were waiting for the result. It's a matter of whether they could enter Canada or not. They were so nervous that they didn’t talk with each other. A lot of thoughts were also running in Sis Leriz’s mind. After that long, nerve-racking moment, the officer called them. “You are incredibly lucky. We have bent the regulations just for you”. Talk about God’s favor! Why would the authorities bend their rules for Sis Leriz and her family? Well, it wasn’t because of their social status or wealth, but because they are the children of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Sis Leriz couldn’t contain the excitement of how God had been with them from the moment they left the Philippines and when they arrived in Canada. Looking back at Sis Leriz’s vision, the three victory shouts she saw came to pass. They faced three hurdles, but God promised that they would be victorious, and they witnessed it with their own eyes. As they started their life in Canada, overflowing blessings have come their way. The house they were staying in was fully furnished, and they had everything they needed from the most basic needs to furniture and appliances. Her husband’s open work permit was granted quickly and even their Ontario Health Insurance which usually takes a long time has been approved sooner than they expected. Also, it has only been weeks since Sis Leriz’s husband started working yet he was offered a promotion and a raise. She and her family also started their ministry to reach the lost, and God has been leading them as they continue to serve the people there. Even the desires of their children to have musical instruments were granted by the Lord through the people around them as they give their petition to God and not to men. God’s favor covers every area of our lives! By His favor, He has taken care of everything we will ever need—spirit, soul, and body. His supernatural grace is so vast, that the Bible says it is going to take all the ages to come for Him to show us all the riches of His grace in the kindness He’s given us in Christ Jesus. Jeremiah 32:7 “I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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