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5th CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2022 in SINGAPORE… may I have more info, please?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

5th CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2022 in SINGAPORE… may I have more info, please? (Letters & Info Packs)

Greetings IT Phils Eagles,

Mark your calendar for the Leadership Conference of the year !!! The 5th CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2022!

The result of our 4th CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2019 held in MALAYSIA was so remarkable that the clamor for another Cutting-Edge Leadership event started even before year 2019 ended. However, our plan to stage the 5th Conference on 2020 was derailed due to the Covid pandemic. We waited for two years with much longing in our hearts for the resumption of our international events. This year 2022, doors of opportunity opened for us and we were able to stage already three major conferences these past months leading to the resumption of our much longed for year ender event - the CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. So, with great joy we officially announced SINGAPORE as the venue for our 5th Cutting Edge Leadership Conference event and gathering of IT eagles.

Online registration is now open at our website – . You may use this link to go directly to the registration page –


Don’t miss out on this huge blessing! This will be an amazing event!!

Ptr Gani Sison


Cutting Edge Conference 2022 Information Pack # 1


1. SINGAPORE CONFERENCE INFO PACK– This will be the official source of information on anything/everything related to our CUTTING-EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2022 in Singapore

2. REGISTRATION – Online registration for the conference is still open. You need to complete the registration so our event organizers could include your name in our conference participants list, prepare your conference ID’s and materials and reserve room, meals and snacks for you.

3. VISA– There is no need for an Entry Visa for a Filipino to enter Singapore. All you need to present to the Singaporean airport authorities are your passport, a return ticket and if asked, proof of accommodation during your stay in the country (to be provided by our office). Please double check your passports expiration date. The Philippine immigration officers won’t allow you to leave the country if your travel date falls within 6 months prior to expiration. If you are Philippine born but holding a non-Philippines passport, you must check with the Singapore embassy for their visa requirements for citizens of the country shown on your passport. For other nationalities who need to apply for entry visa to Singapore, our office will provide the necessary documents – invitation to the conference, status as IT missionary or trainee, etc.


  • You may directly book your flights at your desired airlines or the travel agency of your choice.

  • Our office could handle your flight booking upon your request and based on availability of funds in your account. We regularly monitor the airline rates and will inform you right away if there is an available flight promo. We will commence booking as soon as we receive your approval.

  • Please take advantage of the low airline rates. At of this writing, the cost of round-trip ticket is much lower than a plane trip to Palawan, Ilocos Norte, and other provinces in our country. The rates may not hold for long so don’t wait for the price to go down. The possibility is far more in favor of costs going up.


Day 1 (NOV 24) – Registration and Welcome Event starts at 1pm.

Day 2 (NOV 25) – Whole Day Conference – 8:00 am to 5:00pm

Day 3 (NOV 26 ) – Whole Day Conference – 8:00 am to 5:00pm

  • Day 4 – onwards (Nov 27 – ) – Post-conference Trips to Malaysia. Detailed information will be provided later. Our organizing team will be at hand during the conference to assist all who will be joining the post conference trips. We will be assigning a someone to assist in the optional ministry trip to Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur.

  • PRE-CONFERENCE Activities (NOV 23– ): Most of our IT Office Staffs will arrive on the 23rd. Those who will arrive on an early date too are more than welcome to join us. We hope to provide a better picture of the pre- conference activities soon.

6. CONFERENCE VENUE: We have finally chosen a venue for our conference.

The Salvation Army

500 Upper Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 678106


  • The conference venue offers a limited number of rooms/beds for lodging. We have reserved 150 beds and hoping that we could still get extra beds if needed. Some of you might opt to book lodging on a different place. The cost of lodging in the venue is PXXX for two nights. (We are sorry .. there are no more available rooms in this venue. We have reached the limit of rooms made available to us.)

  • We are compiling a long list of hotels near the conference venue which will be sent later. There are hotels offering dormitory type rooms and backpackers hotel that will be included in the list. Budget lodging are available with price ranging from US$ 10 (dormitory types) – $20 capsule type/day. Hotel room rates in Singapore are higher compared to other countries. We will still provide you with a list of rooms that would go in the price range of USD 50 and higher. We are also looking for possible hosting groups that could accommodate for free some of our least funded members.


  • A contribution of US$85 or P4,000 per participant will help cover expenses on venue rental, and lunch meals, snacks, conference materials, honorariums, etc…


  • Conference program, conference theme and speakers’ profile will be provided on the next Info Pack.


  • We are on the process of identifying various locations in Johor Baru for our post conference group tour. Detailed information will be provided later. Our office team will set up a post-conf table during the conference to aid those who will be joining the post-conference trips.


  • All ITP missionaries, alumni and partners are invited to the conference. If you would like to invite your friends or relatives to the conference, we would require that they be of the same faith. The conference is not an evangelistic gathering, and the topics will not suit those coming from a different religious background. They will be classified as SPECIAL GUESTS.


  • Our office will provide an important pre-departure briefing/meeting to be handled by our office support staffs, a few days before your departure. The objective is to prepare all of you for your airport immigration encounter – both here and in Singapore. We want to make sure that all bases are covered well before sending you out to Singapore. You will be provided with all the required departure documents to include ITP documents stating the nature of the event, conference program, and accommodation guarantee, etc.


  • The Philippine government requires all government employees to first secure clearance before they are allowed to travel outside of the country. If you are a government employee and could present the document upon the demand of our airport immigration authority, you will be denied boarding. Please make sure you secure one as early as possible. We have missionaries in the past who were not allowed to board because of their failure to attend to this important requirement. Our office will issue the needed certification explaining the reason for your trip to Singapore.


  • As of 29 Aug 2022, Singapore welcomes all fully vaccinated visitors. No entry approvals, pre-departure tests and quarantine required. You have to prepare the following before departure:

a. Proof of Vaccination

b. Download the TraceTogether App and register your profile

c. 3 days before departure, submit SG Arrival Card and eHealth declaration via the official and free e-service on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website

  • Non-fully vaccinated visitors are no longer required to undergo a 7-day stay home notice (quarantine) upon arrival. You are required to present the following:

a. travel insurance covering Covid with at least S30,000 Covid coverage

b. 2 days before departure, take a Covid 19 PCR test or professionally administered Antigen Rapid Test .


  • Please always include the conference and the organizing staffs in your prayers. Pray also for GOD’s provision for all those who will be attending the conference. Pray for the 5th CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2022 in SINGAPORE to be fruitful and successful.


Ptr Gani Sison

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