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The Lord makes use  of instruments to help us carry out the work He has entrusted to us. You are such instrument. Your donations have pushed us to continue on with our missionary activities and projects. Your faithful support enabled our missionaries to stay much longer in the mission field.  

From the very beginning of our work, we met most of them in unlikely circumstances. We witnessed the power of God at work through them as they generously and joyfully provided for the needs of the projects, the missionaries and the ITeams organization. With your contributions, you become an important part of the projects and better still, you are embraced  as a member of the mission team. We join hands in bringing the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to all the lost people of the world. 

For any financial gift you send to international Teams Philippines, we take responsibility  to ensure that your donation is used for the purposes it was given for. In our desire to  conscientiously carry out the careful and proper handling of your donations, we have set up an accountability structure that could help us manage and make use of your contributions in the way it was intended for.

A. OFFICIAL RECEIPTS - All donations are issued acknowledgement receipts that will automatically be entered in our accounting books. The designation is clearly indicated to ensure that the money is placed in a restricted account for the use only of the project or missionary it was given to.  If your gift is a general gift for the use of the organization then it is placed in our General Fund account to be used for administration purposes. The Official Receipt will be our assurance that the help you intend to give to the people in need  will receive it. 

B. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT - We use a Quickbooks Computer System in our handling of all funds. Your contribution will be inputted by our bookkeeper and will be processed and saved in the system. The system provides safeguards that prevent or discourage any possible misuse of the funds. It also gives a clear picture of what is made available for use on our many mission activities and programs. You may ask anytime for a summary of your donations and our accounting team would be happy to oblige. One of the important roles of our Accounting personnel is to provide a constant watch at all times  of all fund usage to ensure that funds are used only according to their proper designation. 

C. EXTERNAL AUDITOR - We employ the services of an External Auditor to review, assess and provide thorough audit of our whole financial account. He is tasked to submit an Audit Report to the government stating his professional analysis on how the organization conducted its financial responsibilities. Anything anomalous will be reported right away to top level leadership of the organization and will reflect in his report to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. 

D. BOARD OF DIRECTORS -We have a set of very respectable individuals who are charged to oversee the health and life of the organization. They are the legal guardians of the organization. They are the ones who would be held to account should the government recognize impropriety in how we conduct our business / ministries. Thus, it became imperative to provide careful oversight of the funds of the organization. They took on the  responsibility of checking if funds are used properly and well according to their respective designations.

E. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - The operational head of the organization takes full responsibility in the right and proper use and disbursements of all funds. He carries the responsibility of overseeing  all the ministries and programs and ensuring the viability of every projects and most importantly, the sustainability of the organization. 

The five controls mentioned above are financial safeguards set in place to ensure the integrity and proper use of all contributions made to International Teams Phils., for in behalf of the missionaries and the work that they do in bringing people to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

"Years passed and the story hasn't changed a bit. The Lord continues to raise more GIVERS to sustain the work of spreading the gospel  and advance of the Kingdom of God through International Teams Phils..missionaries."

“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.

Genesis 12: 2

Let’s Work Together



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We are sincerely grateful for your  generous donations to the work of making JESUS known to all the nations of the world.  May the Lord  bless you tremendously that you may carry on supporting the work of the gospel through your faithful contributions. 

Ptr. Gani Sison
Executive Director

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